Your Earth Month Guide to Green Decor

It’s time to think about sustainability and home decor this Earth Month. After all, a home can be both eco-friendly and beautiful – without breaking the bank. Sustainable home design can work with any style, regardless of if you own or rent your home. Here are our favorite tips on making your home decor more sustainable.

1. Understand: What Is a Sustainable Product?

Sustainability is a popular catchphrase right now and can be found on many different products. So, if you’re working on your Earth Day resolutions, consider: What makes a product genuinely sustainable? There are three key elements to consider.

Designed for sustainability

When considering a product’s sustainability, look at how it’s meant to be used. With appliances, this can mean they use less water or reduced amounts of electricity. When thinking about home furnishings, consider items that have multiple uses, which minimizes materials used in production.

Longterm usability

Focus on products that have longterm use in your home. This can mean sticking with key items that are neutral and can be styled in many different ways. Longterm use can also mean seeking out products made of sturdy, natural materials that can withstand years of use.

It can be reused, recycled, or upcycled

Think about the end of the product’s life. Can you reuse it for something else? Can it be composted or recycled easily? Is it durable enough to be donated to someone else? Circular sustainability is a great way to stay green through home decor and furnishings. Keep reading to learn how CORT Furniture Outlet participates in circularity.

2. Be Patient While Looking For Stylish And Sustainable Home Decor

Sustainable home decor doesn’t have to be expensive, and there are certainly options to fit every style. However, sometimes, finding those perfect items can take a bit of patience. Invest the time and effort in finding items that suit your home and your needs. The wait is worth it!

3. Upcycle Unused Items Into Sustainable Home Decor

Organic modern wall decor and furniture don’t have to be complicated. In fact, you can upcycle items that you already have into wall decor.

  • Arrange and hang dried flower bouquets
  • Repaint an old end table to freshen it up
  • Use an old mirror to brighten up a dark hallway
  • Turn an old wooden ladder into a living room blanket holder
  • Add string lights to an empty wine bottle for a fun lamp with soft, diffused light
  • Move an unused bookcase to the garage for storage

4. Focus on Quality Instead of Quantity

There’s a reason that many eco-friendly home designs you’ll see online are minimalistic. Reducing the amount of stuff in your home, especially unnecessary clutter, is always the more sustainable choice. Pick items that are meant to last and seek out things you really have a use for. Before you purchase, ask yourself: Do I already have something that fulfills this purpose?

5. Pick Timeless Styles

If minimalism isn’t your style, that’s okay! Try to focus on timeless, more traditional decorating styles. Sticking to classic styles means you don’t have to worry about it going out of fashion quickly. Here are a few examples of timeless designs that can liven up any home:

6. Shop for Previously Leased Decor and Furniture at CORT Furniture Outlet

Circular sustainability is a critical part of the CORT story. CORT rents furniture multiple times – typically from two to six times per piece. After a piece is no longer suitable for rental, our team of experts inspects, repairs, and cleans it to prepare it for sale. Then, it moves to CORT Furniture Outlet to start a new life!

When it comes time to furnish and decorate your house, turn to CORT Furniture Outlet for sustainable, quality items. CORT Furniture Outlet sells gently used furniture that’s made with above-average industry standards and longevity in mind. Before arriving at CORT Furniture Outlet, our gently used furniture was rented several times through CORT Furniture Rental services. After CORT furniture and decor items have completed their rental lifecycles, our high-quality items are moved to CORT Furniture Outlet to find forever homes. Visit your local CORT Furniture Outlet in-store or online today.

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