How to Set Up a Home Office in Your Living Room

Living in a small space can make it difficult to set up a home office — but not impossible! If you need to set up a workspace in your living room, it’s time to get creative.

This guide provides out-of-the-box ideas on creating a home office in your living room without spending a fortune.

1. Take a Close Look

Step back and look at your living room space with a different perspective. Viewing it from your favorite spot on the couch may not inspire bold new ideas for office space in the living room.

2. Make Every Inch Count

Armed with your new point of view, identify the under-utilized spaces. That nook by the window — can a small desk go there? The closet near the entryway — is it light on coats but heavy with “cloffice” (that’s closet + office) potential?

3. Divide and Conquer

Concerned that a living room-office combination might be too much to take in visually daily? Or that personal distractions will prove too strong to overcome? Use a decorative floor screen, or perhaps some used shelving, to separate the two spaces.

4. Don’t Underestimate the Right Furniture

Select furniture that helps you achieve the living room work-from-home aesthetic that best works for you. Additionally, ensure that at least one of the seating options in your living room provides the lumbar support required for long periods of computer work. After all, the ergonomics of a recliner are not compatible with the ideal desk posture detailed by the Mayo Clinic. If you’re unsure which seating options provide the best support, play it safe with a gently-used office chair.

5. Think Small

Don’t worry about devoting 40% of your living room space to a desk. Instead, consider how many people work at the tables of your local coffee shop, or between airline flights: Real work is getting done from small desktop spaces every day of the year. Additionally, try throwing some style into your home office to make that small space feel like a cozy nook.

6. Make Your Furniture Budget Work Harder

Are you looking to stretch your home-office budget, but you still need a proper setup? Shop for discounted furniture that comes in at up to 70% off the retail price.

7. Reclaim Space

Some apartment living spaces include an adjacent dining area. Odds are, you probably don’t eat many formal meals here, which makes it a perfect place for a money-smart small home office furniture set.

8. Move the Remote

We can all get sucked into binge-watching the latest guilty pleasure; it’s practically the great American pastime! But if you’re afraid of losing valuable time to the TV, make it less convenient to watch by placing the remote control farther away or even consider removing it entirely.

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