How to Create a Nursery on a Budget

You’ve picked a name, counted their fingers and toes on an ultrasound, and celebrated at your baby shower. You’ve crossed off most of your to-do list, with one exception. Your due date is quickly approaching, and the nursery is nowhere near done! There’s only one little problem: your budget. New babies can be expensive, but their nursery doesn’t have to be! Here are the best ways to save when creating a cozy place for a baby.

Shop secondhand.

Once you realize how many like-new gems are available secondhand, you may never buy things “first hand” again! While it’s tempting to purchase something shiny and new for your shiny and new baby, you can find high quality, previously loved, affordable nursery furniture with a little effort. Consignment shops and thrift stores are full of gorgeous pieces that may simply need a little scrubbing or a fresh coat of paint – this is actually the best way to create custom pieces for a DIY nursery!

If you’re looking for a secondhand option that doesn’t require any extra TLC or elbow grease, look no further than CORT Furniture Outlet. They inspect, clean, and give each piece of furniture a score — so you can shop for gently-used furniture with peace of mind!

Keep checking those online marketplaces!

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect dresser, crib, or rocking chair for your nursery on a budget, patience is key. If Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace doesn’t have what you need one day, they certainly might the next!

The beauty of online marketplaces is that new items are added every hour, on the hour. Get in the habit of checking them every day, and it won’t be long before you have your hands on exactly what you need — and for half the price you’d pay getting it brand new!

The nursery won’t be the last room you design for your little one, so learning to be a savvy shopper is a valuable skill!

Embrace the gift of hand-me-downs.

One of the best things about having a baby — besides the actual baby — is the influx of hand-me-down items you’ll suddenly receive. Take them! While many people will happily gift you bags of gently used zip-up jammies and onesies, there may not be pieces of nursery furniture showing up on your doorstep. That is unless you ask!

Let friends and family know what you still need for the nursery, and you might be surprised at the pieces collecting dust in their spare rooms. If you’re a social media user, there’s no harm in writing a quick, “If anyone is getting rid of a crib, let me know!” post. In general, most people enjoy feeling generous and helping others. When you’ve got a big pregnant belly, people are even more eager to help!

Repurpose some of the things you already own.

Aside from a crib, many pieces of nursery furniture don’t actually need to be baby-specific. A plain dresser instantly becomes a changing table if you secure it to the wall and plop a changing pad on it.

That deliciously comfortable, broken-in armchair is just as good for midnight feedings as a fancy “nursery glider.” The tall lamp with the floor switch currently sitting in the corner of your garage will be ideal when you have your hands full.

Things you may have sitting around, like extra storage containers, spare picture frames, and faux flowers, can be used to organize and decorate the baby’s space. Floating shelves, wicker baskets, storage ottomans all make excellent baby room storage ideas. Before you run out for a shopping spree, take inventory of what you already have (and may have forgotten about!)

You’re expecting a precious baby, but you don’t need to expect a massive blow to your bank account to create a nursery. Quality pieces that will last for years don’t have to come at a high cost. CORT Furniture Outlet offers beautiful, structurally-sound furniture that fits your budget!

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