5 Ways to Save When Furnishing Your New Home

Buying your first home feels like an amazing accomplishment. After the initial thrill of such a life-changing purchase, the realities of homeownership may start to sink in — like having to furnish such a large space. If you’re feeling cash-poor or wondering how to furnish your place, fear not! CORT Furniture Outlet is here to help with practical ways for you to save money and decorate beautifully on a budget.

5 Money-Conscious Tips for Furnishing Your New Home

By the time you’ve closed on your house, you’re rightfully exhausted. Rather than being able to rest, now you have to decide how to furnish it all! Fortunately, we’ve compiled a ‘Things to Buy for a New House Checklist’ so you can navigate this exciting next chapter with ease and make the best purchasing decisions for you.

Furnishing A New Home Checklist

1. Create a Vision for Each Room

Before you officially move to your new space, take some time to visualize what you want your home to look like when you’re living in it. If you can, spend around ten minutes in each room and jot down everything you’d like to see there, from large items like a bed or a couch to smaller items like lamps or end tables.

You can even incorporate ideas from Pinterest to create a vision for the styles, colors, and patterns you want to achieve and to give yourself a more concrete plan moving forward.

2. Separate Wants From Needs

The next step in furnishing your home is prioritizing what you want versus what you actually need. Especially when you’re working within a set budget (as most of us are), you’ll have a limited amount of money to spend, so you’ll have to use it wisely.

Try to focus on which items are essentials and which can be considered extras. For example, a kitchen table and chairs or a bedroom set would qualify as anchor pieces, while an accent chair or framed artwork probably aren’t necessities right away.

3. Determine Your Decorating Budget

While some new homeowners spend several thousand dollars furnishing their space, you may feel strapped for cash. Closing costs, utility deposits, and the first month’s mortgage may have left a significant dent in your savings. Luckily, if you’ve crunched the numbers and you have a pretty tight decorating budget, there are still plenty of ways to make your space shine for less.

With CORT Furniture Outlet, you can take the hassle out of decorating with move-in ready, whole house furniture packages! The CORT team will design a unique, bundled furniture set to meet your specific needs and have your house feeling like a home in no time.

4. Fill Each Room Strategically

With your budget sorted out and your priorities in place, you can start purchasing the larger, staple pieces you really need. Then as time goes on and more funds become available, invest in those accent items that’ll help pull the room together and express your style.

Besides the great deals that are always available from CORT Furniture Outlet, you can also keep an eye on sales cycles and seasonal promotions (like those around Memorial Weekend, Independence Day, and Labor Day). And when you’re on the hunt for budget-friendly extras, check out local estate sales or online marketplaces for some fun, unexpected finds.

5. Focus on Quality Pieces

It’s important not to let the desire to have each room ‘ready’ overshadow your need for quality, made-to-last furniture. When you fill each room strategically, you’re more likely to spend your money on pieces that’ll follow you on future moves.

While this process isn’t an exact science, it can offer some peace of mind during a transition. By using this approach and emphasizing quality over quantity, you’ll make more thoughtful decisions and enjoy your furnishings for years (or houses) to come.

Conclusion: It’s All About Balance

There’s no reason to go into debt furnishing your home, but there’s also no reason to leave rooms unfinished! If you’re moving into a mostly-empty space, use the ’Furnishing A New Home Checklist’ above as your guide to being budget-conscious while designing a space that’s all your own.

And remember, CORT Furniture Outlet is one of the best places to buy furniture on a budget; thanks to our whole house furniture packages, you can decorate your entire home in a snap!

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