6 Features to Include in an “In-Law Suite”

Multi-generational living has been getting more and more popular in recent years. An “in-law suite” is a viable solution for aging parents to still live somewhat independently from a private bedroom with a bathroom within the house, a free-standing structure, or remodeled garage with its own bedroom, kitchenette, and bath. Although definite rules for what an in-law suite should or shouldn’t be don’t exist, there are a few must-have features to include in an in-law suite.

If your goal is to create a good in-law suite, it must have a separate living area, especially if you would like to rent it to non-family members, until it’s needed. This space should be private and secluded. The residents of your in-law suite should feel like they have their own space to relax and be alone. It can be very simple. You can furnish this space with a couch, a few armchairs, a television set, and a coffee table.

Finding a good layout is crucial when trying to make a small space where the bedroom and living room together work well. A room divider is one of the best features to include in an in-law suite when solving this issue. It can be anything from a strategically placed shelf to a curtain.

Planning for current and future needs will save you from headaches and costly modifications later. There are two things to consider depending on who you plan on offering this space to:

  • If you plan on using your suite to accommodate your elderly parents, having a universal design is important because it will allow them to use the suite for years to come comfortably.
  • If your goal is to use the suite as a rental space, utilizing a universal design will help you ensure that the suite works for anyone interested in living there.

No matter the age group or specific needs. If you want to create a space with universal design, there are a few key things to keep in mind when installing any fixture:

  1. Equitable use
  2. Flexibility in use
  3. Simple and intuitive use
  4. Perceptible information
  5. Tolerance for error
  6. Low physical effort
  7. Size and room for approach and use

Since universal design is very specific in nature and hard to understand without a lot of research, it’s best to consult your builder or remodeling contractor.

This is a critical in-law suite feature for people who want to house their parents. Seeing as it’s harder for senior parents to want to give up their homes. Bringing familiar items and furniture from their homes to the suite is a great idea. Being surrounded by those items can give seniors comfort. However, experts from Here & Now Movers advise you to encourage your parents to be selective with the things they want to move to their new home because the suite can quickly get cluttered if they go overboard.

A separate entrance is one of the essential features to include in an in-law suite. It gives a feeling of independence to the residents, which is critical for both elderly parents and potential renters. Seniors can benefit greatly from being as self-reliant as possible. Being able to leave and enter the property without passing through the living space of your family is a fantastic feature not for the residents of the suite but also you and your family. Your parents or renters can live their lives without disturbing yours.

The fact that in-law suites tend to be small shouldn’t mean that their occupants must sacrifice flex space. While it is true that you probably won’t be able to separate an entire room as a multi-use area, it can still be highly beneficial to devote a nook or corner of the living space for those purposes. It is simple to do and perfect for creating flexibility.

In recent years it has become more critical to have a home office than ever. And this is an excellent example of what a separated part of the living space is good for. You can look into ways to incorporate a home office into something else. For instance, you could create a dual-purpose dining area and home office with a table that isn’t specifically designed for either.

Using specific colors in architecture and interior design that are neutral enough to be enjoyed by anyone is an excellent idea if you rent the suite. Soft hues such as light pastel colors or simple tones like beige, grey, and white are ideal for walls and flooring. They ensure that no one will find the area too undesirable. People will like it, or they won’t think about it.

If the area is used for your parents, who perhaps favor a specific vibrant color, you can always offset the neutrality with custom furniture in that color. It can be anything from a couch and colored pillows to a custom-made cupboard. Keep in mind that this type of furniture can be costly. Make sure to hire professional help when moving furniture to the suite. If you try handling it yourself, you risk injury and damage. It might sound like a way to save some cash, but it can waste a lot more if you don’t do it right.

While designing an in-law suite rental, you must consider your target demographic. For instance, if you are near a college, you could focus on renting to students. In that case, when considering which features to include in an in-law suite, you should consider which features would be essential to college students.

Get Your In-Law Suite Ready with CORT Furniture Outlet

Building an in-law suite can be a fantastic investment, especially with the right furnishings from the start.  If you plan which features to include in an in-law suite, you can help your parents live out their golden years comfortably or create an ideal rental space. Whatever your goal is, choosing CORT Furniture Outlet to furnish your space is a great choice! You can always count on your local CORT Furniture Outlet as an affordable option for both new and gently used furniture that is built to last.

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