8 Items to Make Your Home Look Luxurious on a Budget

Decorating on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice luxury. Before you jump right in, think about the elements that signify high-end elegance and comfort to you. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh coat of paint and a few decorative accents. Sometimes you might need to do a little extra browsing to find exactly the right piece to add to your home furnishing arsenal. 

With the right items, you can achieve all the elegance and glamour you want, even if you’re on a budget. No matter if you’re focusing on just one room or your entire home, these eight interior design items can make your home look high-end without spending a mint. 

Paint: Color Matters

One of the easiest ways to glamourize your home is also one of the most cost-effective. A fresh coat of paint doesn’t cost much, and, with a little sweat equity, it can make a dramatic difference. Many experts suggest either opting for bold, dramatic colors or soft, subtle hues to create an expensive feeling in any room. When choosing your color, consider the rest of the room and your goals for it. 

If you’re looking to open up a small space, consider tonal whites. Looking to create a welcoming space? Green looks great with white and gold. Browns, dusky orange, soft yellows are popular options. You could opt for combinations, like cream and rouge, mint green and pink, blues and browns, or powder blue, white and black. 

High-End Accents

Metallics are all the rage these days, with gold making a significant comeback in interior design trends. Other high-end accents to consider include materials like marble, crystal, and leather. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way, which means you don’t have to break the bank to achieve a glamorous effect. A marble-topped accent table, gold legged end tables, shimmering metallic mirrors or picture frames, leather ottomans — there are many ways to work these accents into your home furnishings to amp up the wow factor. 

The Perfect Sofa

Every room needs a fabulous focal point. In the living area, a great sofa anchors the space and adds instant luxury. To find the perfect sofa that fits your budget, be strategic about the sofa’s size and shape. Look for elements that set high-end sofas apart, including sleek lines reminiscent of Mid-Century Modern interior design, curvy sofas with sumptuous upholstery, or low-profile options with a single cushion. Need to dress it up? Consider the following tips:

  • Swap the legs/feet — choosing feet in a color similar to the floor gives the sofa the illusion of floating. 
  • Use throw pillows and blankets for added texture and cozy appeal.
  • Add an oversized ottoman for extra dimension and bonus seating.

Statement Artwork

Investing in large pieces of art adds an instant cool factor to your home while providing guests with a conversation starter. Find large, focal point pieces at estate sales or secondhand furniture store to stay within your budget. Or, you could make your own after a run to your favorite craft store. Alternatively, creating a carefully curated gallery wall can make a huge statement without having to spend a ton.

Dress Those Windows

Just like the perfect sofa can make the living room, great window treatments add luxury to every room in your home. When you’re decorating on a budget, it can be tempting to skimp on these must-have elements, but you don’t have to spend hundreds to achieve a luxe look. Try these tips for dressing your windows to perfection:

  • Measure so drapery hits the floor for maximum luxe effect and keep the rods and brackets simple. 
  • Stick with upscale materials like cotton, linen, and silk polyester and other manmade materials often look chintzy.
  • No draperies? No problem. Try wood blinds or bamboo shades to give the room a well-designed finish. 

Light It Up

Great lighting is essential in interior design, but it’s often overlooked. Include at least one unique piece in each room. A fantastic chandelier and other ceiling fixtures provide a good focal point and draw the eye upward. But don’t stop there. Layer your lighting with a combination of overhead, wall-mounted, and tabletop options for the ideal glow in every room. Go glam without busting your budget with smart shopping. Thrift stores and antique shops are a great place to find bases ideal for decorating on a budget.


Do you want rooms that look pulled together without being overly matching? Try mixing materials to give the space an instantly upscale look that’s cohesive and interesting. Consider combining metal accents with wood pieces and textiles like velvet home furnishing accents, leather ottomans or chairs, faux fur throws, and plump pillows. A well-placed accent rug can complete the look, adding texture and visual interest from the floor up.

Unique Extras

Even small pieces can make a big difference in the look and feel of your home. Adding unique accents can add luxury and personality for minimal money. Scour your own attic and then head out for consignment and thrift stores to find pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. Cool frames, antique chests and cabinets, unique end tables and chairs, vintage chandeliers, hardware, and even glassware can add a gorgeous, upscale touch. 

Investing in the perfect sofa, statement artwork, and glam accents are surefire ways to add instant luxury to your home without busting your budget. Adding on-trend, luxurious elements to elevate the feel of any room is easier than ever with CORT Furniture Outlet, which offers a massive selection of options for every home, and every interior design style.