Making Your Dorm Room Stand Out

Starting a brand new semester is an exciting time in any student’s life. Whether this will be your first time living on campus or your last, make your dorm room stand out and show off your unique style with these guidelines.

Make Things Brighter with Lighting

When looking for college decor, string lights always seem to come up first. Because of their soothing effect and warm tones, they are ideal for any activity, whether studying or a movie marathon.

If your dorm has strict policies about what you can and can’t hang up, consider adding a lamp with a multi-colored bulb. This can add a touch of whimsy while also softening any overhead fluorescent lighting.

Create Depth with Mirrors

Some rooms can be smaller than others in a dorm. One inexpensive solution to combat this is with mirrors. Create a chic addition to your room while also creating the appearance of depth and additional space. Plus, if your dorm has windows, they can also serve as a little illumination and help make the room brighter.

Spice Things Up with Curtains

Curtains are a great way to add a splash of color and cover up a plain, dull space. They’re also great on chilly winter evenings by helping to keep the heat in. A dorm-friendly way to hang curtains is with tension rods and adhesive hooks. This method can replace the need to drill holes and patch up the walls when you move out.

Take Advantage of Temporary Wallpaper

Just because your dorm room won’t be your permanent home doesn’t mean it should feel less like you. Adding temporary wallpaper is an excellent way to add color to your walls when decorating on a budget. Make your dorm room stand out without damaging the walls by completing the whole room or choosing one wall to accent.

Opt for Functional and Attractive Storage

One of the main things students run into when living in a dorm is the need to compromise their space to maintain peace with their roommate. Whether you’re living with one or three students in your dorm, having attractive and practical storage solutions for your dorm room can be a win-win situation. For example, put your feet up on a storage ottoman or use a rolling cart that doubles as a table and storage.

What about the shelving?

A good option to increase your room’s storage space is using collapsable storage cubbies. Not only can they help with staying organized throughout the semester, but they also can be used to store personal items like books or to show off photos.

Bring the Outdoors into Your Dorm with Plants

Bringing some plant life into your dorm can instantly enhance the space. Some low-maintenance houseplants may help improve your well-being by increasing the amount of oxygen in your room. Choose a couple of charming containers to display on your dresser or wall. Add a bohemian vibe to your space by making a macramé plant hanging.

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