Before you Head Back to College: 4 Tips for How to Get Furniture for a College Apartment

Heading off-campus this coming fall? As exciting as off-campus living can be (hello freedom) this exciting life transition comes with a cost: finding college furniture. 

You don’t need to break the bank to make your off-campus house a home. Brush up on these tips and learn how to find cute but cheap college furniture before your fall move-in date. 

Dorm to Off-Campus: Where to Start

You’ve chosen your off-campus apartment or house and the location is perfect: campus is just a short walk away and you’ve got friends nearby. But before you get into the fun parts of decorating — hello, artwork, and funky light fixtures! —  it’s time to make (and budget for) your list of essential furniture for college students. 

The list does (and will) go on, but this list covers much of what you’ll need for off-campus living:

Start here first to avoid making common college furniture mistakes (like blowing your budget on unnecessary purchases) and to ensure you’ve got somewhere to sleep! From there, use your remaining budget to find decor and creature-comforts that will enhance your space.

Keep in mind that you won’t need to spend an exorbitant amount to make your new home comfortable. 

Want to know where you can cheap furniture for college students including stellar decor, furniture pieces, and more? Here’s where to buy college furniture that speaks to your style (and to your wallet!). 

1. Facebook Market Place

If your campus has an abundance of off-campus housing, chances are other graduating students may be looking to sell their furniture on the cheap. Checking in with your local Facebook Marketplace can lead you to some great second-hand finds. Not to mention, finding furniture locally can save you money on movers if you’re going to school out of state! 

2. Estate Sales 

Estates sales can be a gold mine: you can find big-ticket items at reasonable prices. Browsing an estate sale is fun for the student who doesn’t want low-quality, mass-produced conventional pieces (aka, fast furniture). 

You can check out estate sales online and preview items before arriving. But remember, estate sales purchases are final. Unless you love it, leave it. It’s not worth purchasing a couch with stains that you later find out can’t be removed just because it seemed like the best option at the time. 

3. Local Thrift and Vintage Stores

Estate sales can be overwhelming (and stressful). But if you love to bargain hunt, your local vintage and thrift stores likely also carry unique pieces at lower prices. f you can’t find what you’re looking for the first time you stop in, check back regularly to see if newer items come onto the floor. 

Just keep an eye out for any damages, so you know that you’re buying the best “cheap” furniture without it looking cheap.

4. CORT Furniture Outlet

When it comes to finding quality furniture and decor at affordable prices,  make CORT Furniture Outlet your go-to. CORT Furniture Outlet carries college furniture essentials like beds, mattresses, bedroom sets, home office furniture, rugs, decor, and more. Unlike the above options, you won’t need to worry about whether or not your furniture is clean, comfortable, or safe to use. At CORT Furniture Outlet, we professionally clean, inspect, and then grade each of our furniture items so you’ll know the exact condition of your latest purchases. 

Find affordable, stylish furniture items you’ll use in college and beyond at CORT Furniture Outlet. Are you in search of a great find? Do you enjoy the “treasure-hunt” aspect of thrifting? You’ll love browsing at your nearby CORT Furniture Outlet Store. Our ever-changing inventory changes daily. For a transparent and convenient online shopping experience, turn to CORT Furniture Outlet’s website. Browse online and pick up your items as soon as the same day! 


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