Outdoor Oasis: How to Make Your Patio the Ultimate Hangout

Whether you’re hosting parties or just relaxing with coffee, having a backyard space is important for summer enjoyment. And you deserve a sunny space to enjoy the beautiful weather! Here are some of the most important pieces of furniture you need for your outdoor oasis, plus ways to creatively upcycle pieces you already own.

Filling a Full Backyard

Having a sprawling backyard all to yourself is a luxury, but it can also feel like an overwhelming amount of space to work with. Here are some fun ideas for turning it into the ultimate backyard party space.

Create your outdoor living room under a pergola.

Consider erecting a pergola in your yard if there isn’t an apparent space for a dining table or seating area – such as a patio. This is a relatively simple way to outline a space for a table and chairs, an outdoor sectional with a coffee table, or even an outdoor office space. Plus, it will provide shade throughout the dog days of summer.

Get cozy with a backyard fire pit.

If you’ve got the space to work with, consider creating a backyard fire pit! You can find plenty of DIY fire pit ideas online, and there are seemingly endless options for purchasing fire pits or fire tables at all price points. Add a few Adirondack chairs, and you have the ideal space for late-night chats.

Design an outdoor kitchen and dining area for al fresco summer dinners.

If you’ve got the funds and the time for a major backyard project, an outdoor kitchen is truly a chef’s kiss. By crafting a kitchen outdoors, you double your home’s cooking space and can move the entire party (food smells, mess, and all) out of your home.

Set up a few lawn games.

You certainly don’t need to break the bank on outdoor entertainment – you might be amazed at how many hours of fun a few lawn games can provide. Think cornhole, giant Connect Four, Jenga, or badminton for guaranteed hits. Start looking for outdoor party ideas now because your yard is the place to be.

Hang up an outdoor television.

Seriously, until you have an outdoor television, you don’t know what you are missing in terms of backyard entertainment. Imagine watching your favorite sports while lounging in the fresh air or watching an outdoor movie with the family with relaxing nature sounds in the background. You can save some serious dough by scoping out online marketplaces and secondhand sites.

Furnishing a Backyard Porch or Patio

In addition to the suggestions above, turn your standard backyard patio or porch into a party patio or party porch with these fun back porch ideas.

Warm up the space with an area rug.

A colorful outdoor rug is an easy way to soften up a porch or patio. Plus, a gorgeous rug instantly ties everything in the space together, serving as an anchor to make your outdoor space look cohesive and welcoming.

Light up the space with string or pendant lights.

Not only do great lights add style and warmth to a space, but they’ll increase usability so your porch or patio will become a hangout spot late into the night. Grab some twinkly Christmas lights for cheap, or invest in some durable outdoor hanging lights.

Embrace mismatched, upcycled dining room furniture.

The beautiful thing about outdoor spaces is how much fun you can have with eclectic, mismatched furniture. Don’t stress about everything matching perfectly – in fact, an assortment of styles, textures, and colors creates an inviting, boho-inspired aesthetic that is perfect for the outdoors. Repurpose indoor pieces, shop secondhand at your local CORT Furniture Outlet, and get creative with your space.

Hang up a porch swing.

Does this one need further explanation? Few things induce warm fuzzies more than swinging gently on a porch swing.

Maximizing an Apartment Balcony

You may be tight on outdoor space if you’re an apartment dweller, but that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace what you’ve got. These are creative “backyard” entertainment ideas when you’re working with a cozy apartment balcony.

Brighten up the space with greenery.

Filling your balcony with lush greenery is the perfect way to make it appear bigger and dreamier. Collect an assortment of potted plants, hanging plants, and climbing pants to create a balcony fit for a garden party.

Add a privacy screen.

Living in an apartment means close quarters, and a small screen can give you a bit more seclusion while you’re enjoying time on your balcony. Try a decorative screen (or even faux greenery) for more privacy.

Create a small dining area with a cafe table and chairs.

You may not have room for a standard dining room table or Adirondack chairs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a fantastic dining nook on your balcony. Check out your options for small cafe tables and chairs or even a small bench that slides directly against a wall. Don’t be afraid to upcycle an indoor or secondhand set to make it truly one of a kind!  

Make it cozy with plenty of pillows, tablecloths, a rug, and string lights.

Remember, it’s all in the details! Make a cold, generic apartment balcony your own by taking the extra steps, such as adding pillows to your seating, throwing down a colorful tablecloth, rolling out a rug, and adding twinkling string lights. 

Backyards, patios, decks, and porches are summertime hubs for dining, entertainment, and relaxation. When the time comes to furnish your outdoor space or any other room in the home, CORT Furniture Outlet is there to help.

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