Modern Bedroom Design Ideas for Teenage Boys

From those random voice cracks to a little extra attitude, a lot can change during your son’s teenage years… and his room should too! If you think he’s outgrowing the car-shaped bed frame from his childhood, it’s probably time for a redesign. Use these modern design ideas to turn your teenage boy’s bedroom into the ultimate “grown-up” room!

Utilize a neutral color scheme that can grow up with him.

His boyhood bedroom may have been covered floor to ceiling in lime green or bright orange, but his upgraded teenage room should probably be a bit more muted. By sticking with a more neutral color scheme, and gender-neutral bedroom paint, he’ll be less likely to get sick of his space. Plus, it creates ample opportunity to add pops of color with inexpensive, easily interchangeable accents like wall décor, throw blankets, and artificial plants.

Create a study space for doing schoolwork.

The teenage years come with plenty of fun changes, but they also bring things like homework and SAT prep. Create a small study nook with affordable office furniture, and he’ll have his quiet area of the house to get his work done, surf the web, or play video games.

Stick to budget-friendly pieces.

There’s a time and a place to invest in expensive furnishings, but it’s not adolescence. By giving his room a makeover using budget-friendly, gently-used bedroom furniture from CORT Furniture Outlet, it won’t be a big deal when his tastes inevitably change — or he scratches the furniture during some typical rambunctious horseplay.

Embrace his passions (and opinions)!

You may have gotten full creative control with your son’s nursery and childhood room, but it’s time to consult with him to create his modern teenage guy room. Look through inspiration pictures together and have him note the kind of things he likes in a place. Incorporate his hobbies and interests as you pick out items like bedding, wall art, and décor statement pieces.

Play with fun accent pieces that change with his tastes.

Speaking of those wall art and other statement pieces… this is your opportunity to have some fun! While it’s wise to keep a lot of the big stuff – like the furnishings and overall color scheme — pretty classic and timeless, you can add vibrant and lively accents throughout the room to showcase your son’s personality and passions.

Accents like peel-and-stick wallpaper or wall decals, greenery, colorful bedding or pillows, art, light fixtures, rugs, and curtains are all places where you can add some excitement to his bedroom. Keep in mind that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on these things, either – you can find funky, “interest” items at thrift stores, repurpose movie posters, or sports memorabilia as wall art, and so on. Get creative!

Incorporate a general theme throughout, but keep it subtle!

Your teenage son is probably past the point of a full nautical or superhero-themed room, but that doesn’t mean a general, subtler theme isn’t a great starting point to keep everything feeling cohesive.

For example, maybe they’d love a music-themed room complete with touches like a music note rug and open shelving for their record collection. Perhaps your baseball-loving son doesn’t want their space to become a shrine to their favorite sport, but you could incorporate their favorite team’s colors throughout.

Consider lofting their bed to create extra space.

Turn your teen’s room into the ultimate hangout spot by swapping out their bed for a lofted version. This will clear up floor space for an under-bed study area, futon, reading nook, gaming corner, or whatever else appeals! Lofted beds are one of the most popular teenage boy bedroom ideas because by raising their bed, you’ll instantly transform their entire space and open up endless new design possibilities.

Make sure to include plenty of storage to help keep things tidy.

No matter the color palette or theme you’ve chosen, one non-negotiable feature in a teen’s room is storage. If they’ve got a small closet, make sure they’ve got plenty of dresser space. Bedroom furniture essentials like storage ottomans and chests can serve as both furniture and storage, while bookshelves, shoe racks, armoires, and wall shelves are great for organization. When everything has a place, even the most disorganized teen can stay tidy.

Whether you’re changing your little boy’s bedroom into a trendy teenage space or decorating a brand new room after a cross-country family move, this process doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg.

Want high-quality furnishings at low prices? Buy gently-used furniture staples and decor for your teenage boy’s bedroom from your local CORT Furniture Outlet. You’ll find the essentials you need to set the foundation for their grown-up room and the decorative accessories to suit their personal preferences! SCORE!