Classy Tropical Décor for Your South Florida Home

Florida is a state with its own well-defined personality and persona. Think of the Sunshine State, and you immediately conjure up images of sunny skies, lush palm trees, endless stretches of beaches, and those iconic pink flamingos — maybe even a Jimmy Buffett song or two.

The farther south you go, the balmier it gets, and the tropical feeling permeates everything. For many newcomers, the sun-drenched weather makes it seem natural to turn their homes into their own tropical paradise. Knowing how to celebrate the Florida vibe without letting it overpower your living space or sense of style is a big part of decorating. After all, things like palm trees, beach culture, and pink flamingos may fit the image of the state, but they don’t necessarily mesh with your decorating style.

When moving to Florida, it might be tempting to go “all in” with such Floridian staples as bright tropical prints and rattan furniture, but it’s not always the best look for a home. Going “too tropical” can make your space look like a cliché, and unless you enjoy a bit of kitsch in your domain, there are certain things you should avoid — and certain things you should always try to include to create classy tropical décor for your South Florida home.

Exercise Caution

You may come across a tropical or floral print you absolutely love and want to take home. Being cautious doesn’t mean you can’t do that; it just means you need to carefully consider where and how you use it. Using it as an accent is as far as you need to go with tropical and floral prints, so consider using that bold orange print on a throw pillow or two rather than an entire sofa. Then use light, solid colors throughout the room to balance it out and keep the print from overpowering the rest of the space.

Re-think That Rattan

It’s easy to see why rattan is so often associated with South Florida; it’s lightweight and blends well with the breezy tropical vibe. But that doesn’t mean it looks good if you take it inside. Save the wicker and rattan for the patio, or use it as an accent piece in a spot like the bathroom, rather than making it part of your home’s overall decor. Instead of rattan, choose quality furniture made from light-colored woods like pine or maple for a casual look that reeks class.

Go Green

Greenery is a hot trend for 2018, but it’s always been big in Florida. Tropical plants can help make a room look lush while improving the quality of the air in your home. Choose plants that fit your style and the mood of the room. Whether you’re looking for something that makes the room feel relaxed and beach-friendly or you want to bring an air of chic sophistication to the space, you can find exactly the plant for the job.

Take It Outside

In Southern Florida, outdoor living is as much a part of the culture as indoor living, so you don’t want your patio furniture to look like an afterthought. Although your outdoor style can certainly be more relaxed than your indoor style, you want the two areas to complement one another. Look for outdoor furniture that is an extension of your home’s interior style by choosing the right color, scale, and style to allow the indoors to flow easily into the outdoors.

Of course, you can play with bolder colors and prints outside, but always keep in mind that it should complement your interior space. The patio also has the flexibility to add such features as an outdoor kitchen and a fire pit for relaxing Florida evenings. Look for comfortable seating options and decorative lights to add to the soothing overall feel of this outdoor “room.”

Go Timeless, Not Trendy

Styles and fads come and go, but choosing timeless pieces of furniture keeps your home interior looking good, regardless of how the trends change. Look for high-quality furniture, and then accessorize with current trends to complement it. Giving it a trendy boost from time to time with new throws, accent pillows, and other accessories keeps your space from looking dated.

Regardless of which styles you choose for your new home, renting high quality furniture from CORT Furniture Rental can help you add elegance to a room in just a few simple steps. Numerous pieces and accents are perfect for enhancing your new South Florida environment.