Creative Ways to Use Decorative Mirrors in Any Room of Your House

Your “mirror, mirror on the wall” really is the most versatile wall decor of all. A decorative mirror works overtime in your home to deliver both style and function. Mirrors are a simple way to brighten, visually enlarge, and add interest to any space. However, a creatively placed decorative mirror can quickly elevate the look and feel of any room. Here’s how to use different types of decorative mirrors around your home to achieve a wow factor. 

Decorative mirrors for the bedroom

Place a mirror next to your bedroom window to brighten the entire room

Turn your bedroom into a sunny oasis by placing a simple mirror where it can best reflect the light streaming in from your bedroom window. Bonus: this tip might help you wake up earlier in the morning!

Create a dressing corner with a floor-length mirror

Don’t let the name fool you… decorative mirrors aren’t just for show!  Place a large, floor-length mirror in the corner of your bedroom to create a dressing area. If your bedroom is on the smaller side, you can hang a floor-length mirror above a long dresser horizontally to create a faux vanity. With either of these options, you can create the perfect spot for touchups and wardrobe selections. 

Decorate the space above your headboard with a mirror (or mirrors)

Make an awe-inspiring statement by placing mirrors above your headboard! A single fun, decorative mirror positioned above your headboard makes an impact by reflecting the room’s natural light, making it feel airy, bright, and spacious. You can achieve the same effect by selecting multiple mirrors and hanging them side by side. 

Hang two mirrors above each bedside table

Pair up two decorative wall mirrors and hang them above your bedside tables. This chic solution will frame your bed beautifully. Additionally, this tip amplifies the light from your bedside table lamps and sets the stage for a serene bedroom

Decorative mirrors for the bathroom

Mix things up by choosing a mirror with an interesting frame

Contrary to what you might see in most bathrooms, you aren’t limited to a neutral-colored, rectangular mirror over your bathroom sink! To create a more interesting focal point, choose a mirror that incorporates color, a funky shape, or a patterned frame. Don’t be afraid to go bold in powder rooms and guest bathrooms.

Opt for two smaller mirrors – or even a mirror gallery wall – above your sink

Instead of choosing one large mirror to hang above your sink, consider incorporating two or more! For a classic his-and-hers alternative, you can hang two mirrors side by side. Or, break from tradition with a statement-making eclectic mirror gallery wall. Think like a trendsetter and incorporate mixed metal frames or mirrors of different shapes and sizes.  

Hang mirrors on either side of a window

Bring more light into your bathroom with a pair of mirrors. If you’re lucky enough to have a sunny bathroom window, flank it with mirrors to bring even more light in. This tip will not only make your bathroom look more inviting, but it will also give you greater visibility for makeup application!

Prop a large, floor-length mirror against a blank wall

If you’ve got the space for it, a floor-length mirror is a beautiful and functional addition to your bathroom. Further spruce up your bathroom space by adding houseplants, a decorative stool, or a colorful rug. Freestanding mirrors are great for the indecisive as you can quickly rearrange whenever you see fit!

Decorative mirrors for the dining room

Orient a large mirror so that it reflects light from a window or chandelier

Take advantage of your decorative mirrors’ reflective power! By positioning a large mirror in front of a window or chandelier, you’ll brighten and visually enlarge your dining room. Your decorative mirror can help pull the gaze up, ensuring all eyes are your gorgeous light fixture.

Hang a mirror above a buffet table 

Designing a space is all about creating a balance between width and height, which can be tricky. Interior designers keep decorative mirrors in their arsenal for a quick and cost-effective solution to an imbalanced dining room! To bring balance to a buffet table and dining table of similar heights, add a decorative mirror above your buffet table. Your decorative mirror will draw the eye upwards by adding height variability and bring balance to your dining room!

Use a statement mirror to create a focal point on a wide wall

A large, blank wall can be an intimidating design challenge. By hanging a large statement mirror – or even multi-mirror wall decor – on your dining room’s widest wall, you’ll create a beautiful focal point without making the room feel busy or cluttered.

Create a gallery wall that combines smaller mirrors and pieces of art

When it comes to mirrors and artwork, you don’t have to choose one or the other! Mix and match varying sizes of mirrors, photographs, and artwork to create an eye-catching gallery wall above your sideboard. Before you get started, check out What NOT to Do When Decorating with Wall Art

Use a mirror as a backdrop for a plant, candles, or another interesting piece of decor

Use a decorative mirror to enhance any curated ensemble. Whether it be greenery, candles, vases, or any other beautiful decor, using a mirror as a backdrop will make your pieces shine. 

Mirrors are also excellent décor choices when you’re working with a living room-dining room combo room, as they can make a statement without clashing with other pieces of art and decor in an open-concept space. Check out our blog post Tips for Arranging Your Living Room-Dining Room Combo for more tips on working with this potentially tricky space.

Decorative mirrors for the living room

Hang or prop a mirror on your mantle.

You can’t go wrong in selecting a mirror for the coveted decor spot above your mantle. Try using a circular mirror to break up the right angles of your fireplace, and complete the display with flowers, greenery, or framed photos. 

Use a mirror to add interest to the wall space above your couch

Putting a mirror above your couch breaks up that blank wall space, makes the room look bigger and brighter, and highlights one of the coziest spots in your home. A dramatic accent mirror, like this starburst, adds excitement to the space, while a sleek, simple mirror can make a space feel clean and modern

Choose a bold, nontraditional mirror to hang above a console table for an instant focal point

The wall space above a console table is the perfect place for a decorative living room mirror. Because this mirror is intended for decoration and less concerned with practicality, you can have a bit of fun picking an unusually shaped, ornamental, or otherwise bold statement mirror

Place mirrors behind lamps to brighten up a dim room

If your room is lacking in the natural light department and your light fixtures aren’t cutting it, try amping them up by placing mirrors behind them. A standing mirror behind a floor lamp or a mounted mirror behind lamps on your console table can make a world of difference when it comes to lighting up a living room. 

Decorative Mirrors for Entryway

Place an oversized floor-length mirror behind an entryway table to flood the area with light

If you’ve got the space, try placing an oversized floor-length mirror behind an entryway table. By nestling a large mirror behind the table, you’ll make a large space look even bigger and create a bright and inviting entrance to your home. 

Hang a large mirror over an entryway bench

Quickly take a simple entryway bench from blah to bold by adding a big mirror above it. You can also experiment with mixing shapes and materials (like a round chrome mirror over a wooden bench) to create contrast and visual interest. 

Suspend a small statement mirror over a floating shelf or small table

Whether you’re an apartment dweller or simply have a smaller entryway to work with, you can still embrace the mirror trend while maximizing your space. Try hanging a smaller statement mirror over your key hook, small shoe rack, or floating shelf. Even a small mirror can make your space feel larger and make your small entryway feel more inviting.

Place small, decorative lamps on either side of a mirror to brighten the space

Pair up your mirror with decorative lamps! Center a mirror over your entryway’s console table, and place lamps on either side for a stylish display.

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