8 Rules for Every Aspiring Bargain Hunter

Nothing matches the thrill of getting that item you really need – or maybe just really want – for 50 percent off its typical price. Once you’ve been bitten by the bargain bug, paying full price for anything is painful. Interested in maximizing your savings? Here are eight secondhand shopping tips for every aspiring bargain hunter.


1. Frequent your local thrift/used stores.

“Frequent” is the key word here because the inventory at your local thrift stores changes daily. Bargain hunting for a high-quality blazer jacket for an upcoming interview or the perfect bookcase to complete your home library? Shopping regularly will ensure you find deals and snag these in-demand items as soon as they hit the floor.


2. Join email lists.

If you plan on visiting any store more than once, whether it’s a big box retailer or a mom-and-pop thrift store, it’s worth it to get on their email lists and follow their social media. By connecting with them in these various ways, you ensure that you’ll hear about any big sales or promos, which can save you money.


3. Know an item’s true retail price.

When you’re on the hunt for a specific item, it’s important to know it’s true MSRP, or the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. You may see secondhand items in thrift stores that are marked at an equal price (or even higher!) than you’ll find new. Always go shopping armed with knowledge of how much an item actually goes for and how much you’re willing to spend.


4. Buy used furniture – but always make sure it’s clean and safe.

Brand new furniture can be a huge investment, and buying items second-hand can save you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars. That said, it’s essential that any substantial pieces you bring into your home are clean and safe to use. In comes one of the best kept secrets for how to find used furniture: CORT Furniture Outlet. All CORT Outlet items are CORT Certified, meaning you can purchase them with confidence. With prices up to 70% off retail, furnishing your home with items from CORT Furniture Outlet is a bargain hunter’s dream.


5. Opt for the generic brands and stick to your list.

Whenever you have a choice between generic and brand name at the grocery stores… choose the generic. Typically, equivalent generic and brand-name items contain the same ingredients and really only differ in their price and packaging. And speaking of making a selection, you should always stick to the items that are on your shopping list. Before you leave the house for your shopping trip, make a list of every single thing you need, and resist the urge to stray. 


6. Online marketplaces can be treasure troves.

Thankfully, you can shop secondhand from the comfort of your own home nowadays. Platforms like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, and Nextdoor can help you find budget-friendly secondhand items, from kitchen appliances to recreational products,  in your local area and beyond. Plus, haggling is expected! Even the most well-loved piece of furniture can be refurbished into the piece of your dreams.


7. Hold out for sales.

It can be hard to hold off on a purchase and miss out on that instant gratification, but in many cases, waiting can mean saving a pretty penny. Consider the retailer’s upcoming scheduled sales, and consider seasonal discounts. Similarly, if you fall in love with something in store, it’s worth pausing and seeing if you can find it cheaper somewhere else. Even used stores offer sales.


8. Find great deals at CORT Furniture Outlet!

Whether you’re a seasoned bargain hunter looking for new ideas or a freshly minted member of the coupon club, there’s always something to learn about finding the best deals around.

CORT Furniture Outlet is the seasoned bargain hunter’s best-kept secret that’s not so secret! With prices up to 70% off on high-quality furniture and decor, you can score a great deal on used furniture without compromising quality. So not only do you save on must-have pieces, but you give used furniture and decor a second life. It’s a win-win that’ll impress even the most veteran bargain hunter! Visit your local CORT Furniture Outlet in-store or online today.

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