5 Reasons to Fill Your House With Faux Plants

Biophilic interior design, which focuses on connecting to nature through design, has continued to gain popularity over recent years. Whether you are trying to have a more zen-like, natural home, want to deepen your connection to the natural world, or simply love a green aesthetic, plants are a great way to achieve your goals. Not everyone has a great home for growing live plants, though – or simply don’t have the time and energy to give their “plant babies” what they require. If that sounds like you, it might be time to consider faux plants for your home.

But are faux plants in style? Yes! And there are plenty of great reasons to embrace home decor with artificial plants. Keep reading to learn why you should have faux plants at home, plus a few decorating tips.


Why You Should Decorate With Artificial Plants


The benefits of artificial plants are countless, but these are our top 5!


1. You can’t kill faux plants.


Let’s face it: not everyone is a master gardener. Whether you don’t have a green thumb or simply don’t have the time to care for piles of plants, the commitment required to maintain a small jungle is underrated. Artificial plants ask nothing of you except the occasional dusting.


2. Kids and pets can’t do much damage to artificial plants.


Have you got an adventurous toddler or a curious cat? A massive pot of dirt (or multiple) can create a huge mess if a toddling toddler yanks on it or a kitty decides to dig. Even worse, many plants are toxic to kids and pets if one of them takes a bite out of a leaf. With fake plants, you don’t run that risk. While a rowdy little one may be able to knock over a vase or pot, it’s much less likely to cause any real damage or mess or pose a health hazard.


3. Faux plants thrive in any environment.


Is your apartment a dark, drafty dungeon that seems to kill plants in seconds? Or do you live in a dry, desert climate where your desired tropical plant babies won’t survive without a humidifier? Unfortunately, live plants have genuine environmental needs that can be difficult to meet (or control) without a lot of time and equipment.


Unless you plan to dedicate yourself to recreating their home habitats with grow lights and humidifiers, consider fake plants. Even if you live in Alaska, you can have that stunning bird of paradise.


4. Faux plants can be a better value.


A tall, full, fiddle-leaf fig might perfectly fill the corner of your living room. However, a fully grown fiddle-leaf fig is notoriously finicky and pretty expensive! If you’re looking for large plants to fit a particular aesthetic, fake plants can be a great way to save some money. Small live plants can be cheap, but it can take years or, in some cases, even decades to grow them to the room-filling size you’re looking for right now. 


5. Fake plants allow for greater flexibility in your decor.


Whether you like to change it up for holidays, new decor styles, or just to fit your mood, fake plants give you greater flexibility. You can select flowers and foliage that suit your current style and toss those in storage when you’re ready for something different. Then, when that holiday or season rolls around again, you can bring them out for a new look. You can’t put live plants in a storage container under your bed!


How to Decorate a Home With Artificial Plants


Now that you know just a few of the reasons why you should decorate your home with faux plants, here are a few of our favorite ways how!


Use a faux plant wall in your living room.


Have you ever drooled over a stunning plant wall at a luxury hotel? With faux plants, bringing that look to your home is cheaper, has lower maintenance, and is way more customizable. Behind your sofa or entertainment center can make it a dazzling focus point.


Try a hanging plant jungle room.


Embrace the tropical with a jungle-themed bedroom. Hang your favorite vine-y plants over your bed for a canopy effect!


Brighten up a dark office.


Windowless WFH office got you feeling blue? Bring in some green without worrying about the sunlight! Try potted artificial plants near your desk, along shelves, or in a bookcase.


Add personality to a guest bedroom.


Small details elevate a guest room from practical to downright cozy. Bright floral arrangements on top of a cute dresser will make your guests feel at home.


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