Kid- and Budget-Friendly Game Room Ideas

Kids just want to be kids! Which is why they need a space of their own to let their imagination run wild. If you’re searching for a way to create the perfect game room, look no further. Learn how to create a kid-friendly area that fits your budget and your space — no matter how much room you have in your home.

These tips and tricks will help your game room stay organized and provide a safe place to play, all while enduring the inevitable wear and tear children bring to a space. Get ready to pump up the fun!

1. Buy second-hand.

Why buy a brand-new sofa when there’s a pretty good chance it’ll turn into your budding artist’s personal canvas? Previously used furniture is an excellent low-cost, low-maintenance alternative to fretting kids’ messes on brand new items.

And buying used playroom furniture doesn’t have to mean buying cheap playroom furniture—you may find some solid pieces at garage sales, and CORT Furniture Outlet has a large selection of high-quality options for unbelievably low prices.

2. Childproof the space.

We’ve all heard the warnings to childproof your home. Wobbly legs and coffee tables don’t mix, and a bookcase is just asking to be climbed by your little adventurer. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to prevent accidents.

Use child locks to keep curious kiddos from getting into drawers and cabinets that are off-limits — or accidentally smashing a finger. You can find several kinds of straps, restraints, and brackets to secure bookcases, T.V.s, dressers, and other furniture that might tip. Bumpers and guards can be used to cover all sharp edges and corners. However, the best option is to trade out a hard coffee table for a soft ottoman.

3. Have fun and get creative.

You may be wondering how to decorate a playroom that’s fun for a kid but still (somewhat) stylish — or if it’s even possible. Don’t worry. It can be done! And it can be a fun project to do with your child — it is their space, after all!

Pick a theme or color palette and stick to it, as a hodge-podge of styles will only make the room feel more chaotic. Keep in mind that they will grow—and grow out of things. Staple pieces like couches and bookcases should be neutral, while easily replaceable accent pieces can be used to add a pop of color.

Don’t have a separate room accessible and need to get creative with space? A play nook is one of the best game room ideas for small spaces. Designate a corner as your child’s space with a floor mat or area rug. Then, use wicker baskets or decorative bins with hidden storage to keep toys tidy and accessible.

Add a special touch that’s unique to your child! Hang a big drawing paper roll or turn a wall into a canvas for your kids (it’s better than the sofa!) with chalkboard paint or dry-erase wallpaper. Add whimsy by stringing twinkle lights or building a fort. Frame your child’s art to hang on the wall.

4. Make it easy to clean and organize.

Yes, this is possible, too! But you have to make it kid-friendly.

It probably goes without saying, but don’t buy white furniture — it never ends well — and get washable art supplies, always. Pick a colorful rug that won’t show stains and is easy to vacuum or throw in the washing machine.

Decorative baskets and bins will be your best friends. Label them each for books, art supplies, toys, or whatever the contents, so your kiddos know where everything belongs. This will help make cleanup a breeze.

Now that you have some kids game room ideas, are you ready to find gently-used furniture for your little ones’ playroom? CORT Furniture Outlet’s selection of durable furniture is ready for their shenanigans, too! Visit your local CORT Furniture Outlet for previously-rented playroom essentials today!