Easy and Inexpensive Swaps to Totally Transform Your Home

Picture this: you’re all done with spring cleaning, and when the summer months roll in, you’re gearing up to entertain guests. But as you look around your house or apartment, something feels off. It might be time to refresh your home decor!

With the recent DIY revolution, redecorating your living space has never been easier. Here are a few easy and inexpensive tips for a fresh furniture makeover.

Rearrange The Furniture

The do-it-yourself furniture makeover you’re looking for might only be a simple rearrangement. That’s enough to transform the character of your home completely. 

The great part of a DIY rearrangement is that any room can stand to benefit. Rearranging your living room furniture can improve foot traffic and create a larger and livelier space. Similarly, rearranging your bedroom furniture can make getting ready in the morning more efficient. And if the hallway feels cluttered with a side table or two, consider moving them to another room.

Check out this video with tips from Kendra Larson, director of marketing for CORT, on decorating with a budget:

Curtains & Covers


A change (or addition!) of covers and curtains could be the home makeover you need. That blanket you were gifted a few years back could make a great accent piece as a sofa cover. A quick trip to the thrift store can also yield some incredible and inexpensive finds for a sofa that needs flavor.

Consider your curtains and window treatments: they’re a fantastic opportunity to play with color. Are you looking for a pop of color or want to stick to neutrals? Harmony is key, so keep in mind the warmth or coolness of your existing room and furnishings.


Colorful throw pillows lined up on a bench.

Pillows, Pillows, Pillows!

Want to toss in some pops of color and upgrade your living room’s coziness? Two words: Throw. Pillows. 

Investing in throw pillows can refresh home decor like nothing else! They’re little blank canvases for your home. They can be humorous, mature, cozy, classy, vibrant, or neutral. The possibilities are endless.



Lamp with a clear base sitting on a glass table.

Light it Up

See your home in a whole new light – literally – by upgrading your light fixtures

How light spills and splashes across your room sets the stage for your interior design. Colored glass fixtures make for stellar accents, while a rattan lamp gives a minimalist room a touch of coziness. The possibilities are wide open, but one thing stands true: a tasteful light fixture can glue a room’s aesthetic together.


A stylish, dec

Bookshelves Galore

To quote the Roman orator Marcus Cicero, “A room without books is like a body without a soul.” Bookshelves give you tons of room to express yourself with a personal library or an assortment of collectibles or knick-knacks.

Bookshelves on their own offer plenty of DIY makeover opportunities. Touching up a bookshelf’s backboard with chalk paint or wallpaper can imbue it with a flare of personality. With some pre-planning and painting, you can even achieve the illusion of a stylish built-in bookshelf look. And like a bookshelf, a refresh with chalk paint can be the makeover your dresser deserves.

Find the Perfect Pieces

Sometimes a home makeover just requires a few simple adjustments — whether it be rearranging or upcycling the furniture and decor you already have. However, sometimes there’s a need to make an upgrade, too. When you need new furniture and decor, head to your local CORT Furniture Outlet or browse online to find quality, stylish pieces at a fraction of the cost. Take up to 70% off original prices on new or gently used furniture and decor and give your space the total transformation you want.

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