From Farmhouse to Throwback: Styling Wood Paneling

As a style-minded DIY homeowner, you know the value of transforming your living space into an elegant retreat. That means you should consider wood paneling in your DIY projects! That’s right, wood panels aren’t just for stuffy, outdated homes. Wood paneling infuses timeless charm and character into your house, whether it be classic wainscoting, rustic shiplap, or modern glass paneling. Keep reading to learn more about the types of wood paneling, how to use them in your home, and more.


Types of Wood Paneling Found in Homes

Wainscoting panels


Wainscoting is a classic type of wood paneling that adds a touch of vintage elegance and covers the lower portion of the wall, usually up to chair rail height—roughly 30 inches. For different wainscoting ideas, consider raised panel wainscoting, beadboard wainscoting, or flat panel wainscoting. Wainscoting is popular for dining rooms and living areas and can be painted any color to fit your current look!


Shiplap wall panels


Shiplap consists of horizontally overlapping wooden boards that create charming and rustic looks found in coastal and farmhouse decor styles. Shiplap wall panels can be painted, stained, or left in their natural wood finish, making them versatile and suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, and accent walls. Installing shiplap is also fairly beginner-friendly. This style is ideal in hot, dry climates thanks to its overlapping pieces: dry air can cause wood to shrink, and shiplap won’t show gaps if this happens.


Tongue and groove panels


Tongue and groove panels are similar to shiplap, but they have one crucial difference: tongue and groove panels interlock like puzzle pieces. Though tongue and groove panels prove slightly more challenging to install, they’re ideal in colder climates as they insulate well.


Glass wall panels


Glass?! Seriously! For a modern twist on wood paneling, combine glass paneling with wood elements to create a sleek and contemporary look. Glass paneling allows natural light to flow through your home, creating a lavish, warm atmosphere. This combination works well in spaces like entryways and stairwells. Glass wall panels are also ideal for home offices, libraries, and conference rooms.

Why Keep or Restyle Wall Paneling? You Can…

Help the environment:  Keeping or restyling existing wood paneling promotes sustainability by reducing the demand for new materials. Additionally, repurposing reclaimed wood for paneling projects is an eco-friendly option that minimizes environmental impact.


Save money: Restyling wall paneling is a budget-friendly alternative to complete renovations, allowing you to allocate funds to other decor elements. DIY projects involving tongue and groove paneling also save on labor costs.


Boast timeless charm: Wood paneling exudes a classic appeal that transcends trends, ensuring a stylish look that stands the test of time. By maintaining or restyling paneling, you can preserve the original character of your home while adding a touch of your personal style.


Keep warm: In colder climates, tongue and groove paneling over a standard white wall can add an extra layer of insulation, and with more insulation, you can save money on heating bills.


Decor Styles that Embrace Wood Paneling

Farmhouse Chic


Rustic shiplap and wainscoting with natural wood finishes bring a cozy and charming farmhouse character to any room. Consider using shiplap paneling in the living room and wainscoting paneling in the dining room for an authentic farmhouse feel.


Modern Elegance


As mentioned, combining glass wall panels with sleek wood paneling achieves a sophisticated and contemporary yet vintage feel. Glass walls allow natural light to flow freely, creating an airy ambiance that complements the modern appeal of wood paneling. They can also highlight specific rooms as focal points in your broader interior design.


Coastal Retreat


Live every day like a trip to Martha’s Vineyard! White-painted shiplap resonates with coastal aesthetics, evoking a sense of relaxation and tranquility. Try white shiplap paneling in the living room to capture a serene coastal vibe. Add a sea salt scent diffuser, and your living room will feel like a beachside vacation.


3 Creative Ways to Incorporate Wood Paneling

1. DIY Wood Panel Wall


DIY wall paneling has never been more accessible. Embark on a DIY project by installing wood paneling yourself. With a brad nailer and step-by-step instructions, you can achieve professional-looking results. Definitely repurpose any reclaimed wood you might have!


2. Accent Walls


Transform any room by creating an accent wall with wood paneling. Whether you choose shiplap or wainscoting, an accent wall adds depth and visual interest to your space while also providing more control over a room’s color palette.


3. Half Wall Paneling


There are plenty of half-wall paneling ideas to run wild with. For example, half-wall paneling can create visual partitions in larger spaces, such as dividing a dining area from a living room. This approach adds character and dimension while maintaining an open atmosphere.


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