Finished Garage Ideas for Homeowners

For many homeowners, the garage is the least glamorous part of the house. It’s where you store all of the junk that you want to keep out of sight, but it could be so much more with a few simple adjustments. Transform your garage into an inviting space with utility and function to help your home truly become a sanctuary.

Whether you’re looking for extra storage or a place to entertain guests, finishing your garage can greatly enhance your home.

What is a finished garage?

A finished garage does not reveal the structural beams of the garage; rather, it is covered in drywall and painted to give the look of a continuation or addition to the rest of the house. Think about the garage as an extra room where you can explore your interests and hobbies. You can turn this space into an arts and crafts room, a home gym, office space or a music studio. The options are limitless when thinking about what you can do with that extra space. Not only does finishing your garage give you extra space for your life, but it also increases the value of your home by up to 80%.

Thinking about how to finish your garage?

Finishing your garage can transform the space you are in and turn it into a beloved part of your home. It’s important to make sure this room is furnished with style and comfort in mind.

Organization Is Key

The first thing you want to do is declutter your garage space. That will likely mean parting with some items that you no longer need and finding an efficient way to organize what you do need. Storage furniture such as a bookshelf for old books, a file cabinet for paperwork, and possibly a storage cabinet for larger items, can clear tons of space in your garage. Once your garage is neatly packed away, you can start envisioning a new purpose for the area.

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Converting Your Garage into a Bedroom or Living Space

As short-term rentals gain more popularity, many homeowners are beginning to convert their garages into bedrooms or studio apartments. With painted and insulated walls, heating, and new flooring, it’s possible to turn your garage into a usable living space. Some go so far as to remodel the garage door and add windows to the room. For your perfect garage to bedroom conversion, you’ll want to add a bed, wall decor, and some cozy furniture to make visitors feel right at home.

Arts & Crafts Room

Let your artistic side shine by making your garage an artist’s studio. The garage is the perfect place to create because there’s less fuss about messes and potentially staining rugs and furniture in high-traffic living spaces like the living room or dining room. 

Home Gym

Looking for a place to put weights, a treadmill, and any other at-home workout equipment? The garage is the perfect space to create your own private at-home gym. You can’t beat the easy access that an at-home gym provides. Set the space up with your favorite workout playlist and maybe even a TV to watch while doing cardio.

Home Office

As remote and work from home options become more prevalent, so does the demand for home office space. A simple desk, chair, and maybe even some art for the walls can transform your finished garage into the ideal home office

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