How to Tackle Garage Clutter with Creative Storage Solutions

For too many people, the garage becomes the household’s unofficial “junk drawer.” From shoes and sports gear to landscaping tools and craft supplies — everything that doesn’t have a designated spot seems to end up in the garage clutter. Which slowly eats away at valuable parking real estate.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice protecting your car from the elements for the sake of keeping your home clutter-free. Instead, use these creative storage solutions and garage organizing ideas to take back your parking spot.

4 Steps to Quickly Clear Garage Clutter

Step 1: Act With a Plan

Be prepared with a plan to make sure you have all the supplies that you need. Write down the dimensions of your garage, and then figure out how much space your car takes up. This way, you’ll know what kind of storage solutions will fit best. And while it’s tempting just to throw everything into a couple of big bins, that only leads to frustration.

Step 2: Get Systematic

Come up with a system to put similar items together, such as lawn fertilizer and garden tools. Then, determine how many containers and bins you will need. Arrange each bin, placing the least used items on the top and bottom and those you want quick access to in the middle.

Next, you’ll want to put all bulky equipment — think snowblowers and lawnmowers — somewhere in the corners where they won’t get run over or bumped by your car. For items that get used most often, store those closest to the garage door. Finally, place seasonal items in a spot that’s a little harder to reach, like in the rafters above your car.

Step 3: Be Ready With Supplies

You’re going to need supplies to be successful with your garage organization DIY project. First, make sure you’re prepared with stackable, clear plastic bins with lids so you can see what’s inside. If you don’t go clear, you can invest in a label maker to properly document everything for easy access. Also, equip yourself with some clear jars so you can organize your hardware (think nuts, nails, and bolts) and consider a lockable container for things like lawn chemicals so pets and kids are safe.

Step 4: Use Creative Storage Systems

When possible, keep things off the ground, as that’s taking up valuable space where you could park your car. The good news is, most garages have a lot of vertical real estate! So fill up that space with shelving, cabinets, pegboards, hooks, and overhead storage to get all the tools and gadgets off the ground.

Incorporate Cabinets

Consider using cabinets and even a wardrobe to store everyday-use items. Add shelving above the cabinets for long-term storage.

Store Overhead

In addition to wall space, overhead space allows for hanging long, flat items you don’t use every day, like a ladder or seasonal decorations. Just be careful when hanging shelves from the ceiling, as the last thing you want is that gear interfering with the operation of your garage door or scraping the roof of your car every time you pull in or out.

Add free-standing shelves

If you’re not handy with a drill, installing wall shelving can be intimidating. Or perhaps you’re not able to add permanent structures within your garage. In that case, a shelving unit can be an excellent solution for garage storage.

Utilize drawers

Whether you need to keep track of tiny bits and parts — like nails, screws, and tools — add a chest with drawers to your garage. A media console or filing cabinet works too! Anything that can keep the items contained and organized within a drawer will do the trick.

Now that you have a game plan, it’s time to get the storage solutions you need to organize your garage and take back your parking spot. For gently-used, high-quality storage solutions, visit your local CORT Furniture Outlet!

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