How to Make a Backyard (or Garage) Movie Theatre!

Streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime release award-winning movies that are easily accessible to watch at home. Because of that, more and more moviegoers opt to watch blockbuster hits from the comfort of their couch rather than a costly movie theatre.

While staying home may be more comfortable, there’s something to be said about savoring a big-screen film at the movie theatre. If you want to bring the movie-going experience to your own home, you’ll need to transform your backyard or garage into the ultimate at-home theater experience. Here’s how!

First, make sure you have access to stream or play a movie.

With the multitude of movie and television streaming services out there, your preferred watch party content can be right at your fingertips. What’s more, these platforms often offer new movies before they hit the theaters! If you like being in the know about what’s happening in film and television, you can merely sign in and browse new releases. These days, we have an incredible amount of choice when using a streaming service at home.

If you don’t currently use a streaming platform, a simple DVD player works great for your at-home theatre!

Then, gather your “theatre” supplies.

Gather the supplies necessary to create movie theatre magic. Here are the essential elements you’ll need to put on this production:

Projector: If you’re interested in projecting a movie onto a large surface, you have a few options when it comes to buying a projector. For one, you can head to an online marketplace to find a gently used projector. Prefer to buy new? Check out Amazon or your local electronics store. If you’re feeling crafty, you use this DIY projector guide by Steve Spangler Science to create your own! This may take a little elbow grease, but it can save you money in the long run.

Projector Screen: This can be anything from a non-wrinkled bed sheet across your garage to a self-standing, portable projection screen. Many materials apply; if the surface is flat, large, bright, clean, and smooth, you’re in business.

Television: If you’re more interested in building a garage hang-out, you have the choice to skip the projector and viewing surface. Set up a T.V. in your garage, and you’ll instantly change the purpose and vibe of this room. CORT Furniture Outlet offers a vast selection of high-quality and gently used electronics, including televisions.

Furniture: Comfy furniture is vital for sitting back and relaxing in front of a screen. Whether you opt for chairs, floor cushions, a sofa, or patio pieces, the furniture you choose will make or break the welcoming vibe of the space you’re building. If you need new lounge furniture, CORT Furniture Outlet offers a wide variety of pieces that are ready and waiting for you to take them home! Browse CORT Furniture Outlet’s online catalog to see what furniture is available in your area. Once you find something — or perhaps a few things! — you love, you can schedule a pick up at your local location.

Finally, add a touch of ambiance.

To tie the space together, we recommend adding some ambiance. Put up some glittery string lights, have blankets on hand, or maybe even set up a canopy in case of bad weather. Show off your DIY skills by inviting your neighbors over for movie night! Or, better yet, let the opening night be an excuse for a romantic date night.

Give movie night a BIG upgrade with the help of CORT Furniture Outlet.

The best part about creating an outdoor or garage movie theater? There’s not too much to physically build! Once you have the right supplies and set-up, you’re ready to press play. All you’ll need is a reliable power source and maybe some popcorn to get on with the show!

With CORT Furniture Outlet, building your at-home theater is an incredibly easy, efficient, and affordable process.

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