How to Be a Good Apartment Neighbor

Bang! Crash! Is that an elephant breakdancing? Nope, just the upstairs neighbor. When you live in an apartment complex, you enjoy the many amenities these shared spaces offer. However, the benefits of living close to others mean that being a good neighbor becomes even more critical than if you were to live in a single-family home or duplex. You likely have shared walls on all sides and upstairs and downstairs neighbor—even if you have that coveted top-floor apartment. Follow these etiquette tips on how to be a good neighbor to ensure that when the neighbors mention the tenant who lives in 3B, it’s with a smile, not a shudder.


5 Tips for How to Be Neighborly


1. Follow the Golden Rule


The first rule of apartment etiquette is likely one you’ve heard before: Treat others as you would like to be treated. While it’s a good rule to follow generally, it’s essential when you’re living in close quarters to people who may have different lifestyles and value systems than you do. If you start interacting with other residents with a caring and respectful attitude, you’re already on the way to being a great neighbor.


2. Share the Space


Communal areas, such as hallways, entryways, stairwells, outdoor spaces, and the pool and gym, are meant to be enjoyed by all apartment residents. One of the best ways to be a good apartment neighbor is to respect these areas and follow community rules. If you have visitors, make sure they are also mindful of how they navigate these spaces.


3. Keep it Clean


Cleanliness is a virtue when it comes to living in a multifamily complex. It’s good neighbor etiquette to keep your apartment’s exterior and interior in good shape. Ensure that any outdoor spaces, such as your entryway, patio, or balcony, are clear of items that could be dangerous or unsightly. Meanwhile, cleaning up food and trash inside your apartment can help prevent pests from invading the space—an act that your neighbors will appreciate, as bugs and rodents don’t recognize where your apartment ends and theirs begins.


4. Be Conscious of Noise Levels


Noisy neighbors are the most common gripe from apartment residents. To avoid being the cause of noise complaints, ensure you’re aware of any rules surrounding quiet hours in your complex. Even if your apartment doesn’t have specified quiet hours, it’s still proper apartment neighbor etiquette to avoid playing loud music or causing excessive noise during the early morning hours when most people sleep.


5. Furnish with a Purpose


Even the most considerate of apartment dwellers will cause unwanted noise for their neighbors at some point. But there are simple ways to soundproof your apartment with furnishings. Choose noise-dampening furniture, such as sofas and chairs upholstered with suede, microfiber, chenille, or corduroy. Textured throw pillows or blankets provide an even greater soundproofing buffer, and placing an area rug in your living room, bedroom, and dining room floors can decrease the decibels that reach the apartment below you.


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