Beat the Heat! 11 Cheap Summer Storage Ideas

Summer tends to keep families on the go. Between home improvement projects, shuttling your kids to summer camp, swim practice, and planning a weekend getaway — there’s a lot to juggle. The warmer months bring more activity, and a lot more seasonal gear to maintain and store! From garage bicycle storage ideas to car organizational tips, these 11 cheap summer storage ideas can help get you organized and keep your focus on enjoying the season.

Keep Your Summer Gear from Overtaking the Garage

It’s not uncommon that the garage becomes the unofficial catchall of the house — particularly in the summer months. Is summer fun overflowing into your garage? Reclaim your parking spot using these tips to get your garage organized — and your summer gear off the ground! 

1. Store Your Bike Vertically 

One of the most common — and cost-effective — garage bicycle storage ideas involves hanging your bike. To best save space, consider hanging your bike vertically. Use a stud finder to locate a good place to drill into the ceiling, then install one or more large hooks to hang your bike from.

This cheap bike storage option will still allow you to quickly access your bike, without breaking the bank. Pro tip: it works for scooters, too!

2. Make Use of Peg Boards 

Use pegboards for small items and hand tools, like hammers, pliers, or wrenches. Choose a pegboard that suits your space — go as big or small as you need. 

Get creative with your pegboard use and placement! Pegboards can also be used to hang bungee cords, the garden hose, the dog’s leash, goggles, or even your keys.

Pegboards come in a variety of sizes. Depending on the size you need, you can probably source a pegboard from your local hardware store for as little as $15 to $20. 

3. Carve out Space for Bulky Swimming Pool Accessories 

Pool noodles, rafts, life jackets, and inner tubes can quickly consume a space. Get your life jackets off of the ground and hang them on the wall using hooks. Minimize the footprint of pool foam rafts by rolling them up and securing them with a bungee cord. Then, pop your floats onto a shelving unit. Pool noodles present a storage challenge but can be easily wrangled into a tall laundry basket.

Don’t forget to dry your floaties completely before storing them away for the offseason!  

4. Tuck Away Your Large Tools and Lawn Equipment in a Storage Cabinet 

For larger tools, such as power drills or saws, you’ll need a durable storage solution. Opt for metal shelving for larger items and keep sharp objects and gardening tools tucked away in a durable metal filing cabinet or a storage cabinet. A metal pedestal on rollers makes for an excellent place to store tools and equipment and also doubles as a workstation.

Some of the best lawn equipment storage ideas involve making use of your vertical space! Hang your weed whip, backhoe, or brooms on the wall using hooks or tuck them out of sight and into a wardrobe-style chest

5. Stack and Store Beach and Lawn Chairs 

When it comes to lawn or beach chair storage, you have a few options. You can store your beach chairs by hanging them on the wall using hooks, or fold and tuck them away onto a shelving unit or into a wardrobe.

Whatever storage option you choose for your outdoor seating, be sure it is easily accessible so you can grab and store your chairs when you need them!

6. Consolidate Your Camping Equipment Using Chests and Shelving 

From sleeping bags and tents to flashlights and sporks, a trip into the wilderness requires preparation — and a TON of gear! When you’re about to head off to the campground, it’s frustrating to try and search for a missing tent pole. 

Avoid searching through a cluster of camping gear by organizing and storing essentials away in labeled lidded storage containers. Once your gear is boxed, keep it on a sturdy shelving unit

Shelving your gear will help you free up ground space and ensure you have the ability to quickly and easily access and inventory your outdoor essentials. 

When you’re ready to pack up for your trip, simply move the bins from your shelving unit to your trunk!

Get Organized with On-the-Go Summer Storage

Summer is one of the busiest times of the year, particularly for parents. However, your car doesn’t have to devolve into chaos just because you’re constantly hustling from one activity to the next. Use these summer car storage tips to keep your ride organized (and to avoid having to double-back because your kiddo forgot their soccer cleats — for the second time this week)!

8. Create a Designated Tote Bag or Storage Bin for Every Activity

When you’re juggling multiple kids with multiple extracurricular activities, staying organized can prove challenging. To ensure your child has what they need when they need it, keep a designated storage bin or tote bag for each of your child’s activities.

Start by making a short checklist of what your child will require for each activity. Then, depending on the size and amount of gear, designate, label, and fill either a tote or storage container.

For example: for swim practice, you may need to keep a tote bag filled with SPF, goggles, swimwear, a towel, a swim cap, water, and a snack. For activities that require larger items, like baseball tournaments, use a storage container or even a laundry bin. Toss in your child’s bat bag, uniform, cleats, water bottle, and jersey. 

One of the major benefits of using dedicated storage totes or bins for each activity is that you can move all of the day’s essentials en-masse to your trunk. Plus, every item will have its place, ensuring stray items won’t be left behind at home. 

As everything is organized by child and activity, you can swap out bins and totes quickly and easily. Start your day off by checking your children’s schedule and stocking your car accordingly. Restock the bins and totes you’ll need, and remove the bins and totes you don’t. This method will keep your kids organized and free up space in your car — say goodbye to not having enough room in the trunk or backseat for a grocery run!

In order to make the most out of this organizational system, each bin or tote will need a designated place when not in use. Free up space in your garage by storing your totes in a durable metal locker system or toss your bins onto wide, sturdy shelving.

9. Keep a Go-Bag of Summertime Essentials  

One of the joys of summer is the ability to slow down — or get spontaneous! Stay prepared for any adventure by keeping a bag of summer essentials in your vehicle.


  • SPF to avoid sunburns
  • Bug spray to make sure you’re protected from bites
  • First aid essentials in the event of a scape up
  • An extra pair of sunglasses, in case yours go missing
  • A hat for sun protection (or a bad hair day)
  • An extra phone charger so you’re never without power
  • A few water bottles so that you can stay hydrated
  • Shelf-stable snacks, like granola bars, nuts, or other grab-and-go foods that can withstand the summer heat (avoid chocolate!)
  • A cooler bag in case you need to house cold drinks, perishables, or leftovers on a hot summer day 
  • A few activities like books, coloring books, word puzzles, or simple card games

A well-stocked go-bag of summer essentials will come in handy for road trips, running errands, or a day filled with back-to-back activities. With these items, you’ll be ready to take on whatever the summer day throws your way!

10. Stock a Snack Basket

After a long day in the sun, it’s likely you and your crew will be tired and hungry. Avoid hitting the drive-thru by keeping healthy snacks and drinks within grasp.

You’ll want to reach for snacks that are shelf-stable and that will hold up in a hot car. 

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Snack crackers
  • Dried fruits
  • Nuts or trail mix
  • Granola bars
  • Pre-popped popcorn
  • Pretzels
  • Chips
  • Squeezable applesauce
  • Prepackaged cookies 
  • Zip baggies of cereal 

In warmer months, it’s also important to keep hydrated! Shelve extra water bottles and sports drinks in the garage so you can easily toss a few into your car.

Organize Your Summer Staples Inside the Home 

11. Keep a Seasonal Wardrobe

One of the best ways to stay organized in summer is to keep a seasonal wardrobe! Start by removing your winter sweaters, coats, and accessories from your closet. Items that need to be treated with care can be transferred to a free-standing coat rack or wardrobe in the guest bedroom, and items that can be boxed or stored can be placed on a wire shelving unit in the basement or garage.  

Once your fall and winter wardrobe is packed away, you’ll be able to locate your summer favorites quickly. 

Find Summer Shelving Solutions at Your Local CORT Furniture Outlet

Giving everything a dedicated space will help keep your home organized and make sure you can find your summer essentials when you need them — so you can spend more time enjoying the summer sun and less time stressing. When you need quality, durable home storage solutions, look no further than your local CORT Furniture Outlet

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