No More Buyer’s Remorse: 10 Purchases and Upgrades You Won’t Regret

We’ve all been there — up late, scrolling the internet, and smashing “autofill credit card info” on impulse buys without a second thought. Sometimes, these purchases turn out great! Other times, they leave you googling, “Why do I impulse buy?!” and “How to avoid buyer’s remorse.” 


Don’t leave your satisfaction up to chance — read on to discover ten things worth splurging on that won’t end with buyer’s regret. 


Living Room Necessities


As the center of your house, your living room has to be flexible. It should be a space where you can lounge after a long day, host family game nights, and hang with your friends. To attain this flexibility, your living room needs some seriously versatile furniture.


1. Seating


If you want your home to be everyone’s favorite for movie or game nights, comfortable seating is a must. Nobody wants to sit on a broken-down sofa — especially one with overly frisky seat springs — for two hours or more. 


If you have the space, a sofa or sectional can enable couples to get cozy or single folks to stretch out. If you’re limited on space or sofas aren’t your style, opt for a pair of fashionable (yet comfortable) living room chairs


Thrifty Tip: Buy used furniture to conserve your budget and help save the environment. But before you do, read up on these five dangers of the recommerce furniture market


2. Tables


Now your guests’ tushies are comfortable, but they’re left awkwardly holding their drinks or balancing plates of game night nachos in their lap. Adding a coffee table or a pair of side tables to your living room can free up your guests to high-five over a video game victory or gesticulate wildly for a game of charades. 


3. Smart TVs


Picture this: you, cozied up on your upgraded couch, your favorite beverage on the side table, binge-watching your favorite series on a jaw-dropping smart TV. That’s not just an impulse purchase; it’s an investment in your entertainment happiness. Plus, a high-quality TV can make your living room the envy of your friends. 


We hear you — new TVs can be expensive. But they don’t have to be! Consider buying a used TV instead. By doing so, you’ll not only keep your wallet happy but also cut down on harmful electronic waste — a massive problem when newer, bigger, more desirable models are seemingly released every day. 


Home Office Upgrades


If you work from home, you won’t regret upgrading your office to better suit your needs. Many of us have worked in unideal setups — where desks are too small for all of our papers, lighting is dim, and storage is limited. But no more, we say! This year, give yourself the best gift of all: workplace comfortability. 


4. Desks


More horizontal space means more room for important documents, computer accessories, and everything else you need to boost your productivity. If you have the space, upgrade your home office with a larger desk. But even if space is at a premium, a desk upgrade may still be in order — a sit-to-stand desk can do wonders for your circulation and posture. 


5. Lighting 


Dim office lighting can leave you squinting at important papers, blinded by your computer monitors, and feeling blue. Brightening up your space with some fashionable lamps is a quick, cost-effective way to improve your mood, balance out those monitors, and get more work done. 


6. Office Storage


There are few things worse than papers scattered everywhere. Proper organization can boost your productivity and make your workday feel less chaotic. Fortunately, you don’t have to bring a boring filing cabinet into your home to stay organized. Instead, choose from our wide selection of aesthetically appealing filing cabinets to stay stylish while you work. 


7. Ergonomic Office Chairs


If you work from home, the majority of your day is probably spent sitting. You deserve better than an old, unbreathable, uncomfortable chair. An ergonomic office chair can help reduce back pain from sitting at your computer for long periods. And if you want a supremely comfortable experience, choose one with a mesh back or seat to keep yourself cool.


Bedroom Furniture


Budget bedroom upgrades like rugs, wall art, and lamps can spruce up your sleeping space. But some of the more practical items can be easily overlooked. After all, that mattress you’ve had since you were a kid is perfectly broken in, and that dresser your grandmother gifted you does its job perfectly fine, right? Maybe not. Consider these upgrades for a more comfortable, functional, stylish bedroom:


8. Mattresses


Mattresses might not exactly be an impulse buy, but they’re certainly a purchase you won’t regret. Sleeping on a comfortable mattress means a better night’s rest, which can boost your productivity at work and improve your overall energy levels throughout the day. And if you’ve welcomed a new furry friend or not-as-furry significant other into your home, a larger mattress can eliminate painful cricks from cramped cuddling. 


9. Clothes Storage


Fashionista or not, we all know the struggle of keeping our clothes organized. It can seem like no matter what, our clothes endlessly vacillate between the bed, floor, or chair until they finally get put away. If storage space is lacking or hangers just seem like too much work, consider getting a spacious dresser, chest, or cabinet to store your threads in. 


10. Accent Furniture


A stylish bench or accent chair can give you a convenient place to put your shoes on in the morning. As a bonus, it can bring an extra dash of style to your bedroom. If you decide to go with an accent chair, you can always pair it with a reading lamp to make it pop even more. And with next-day pick-up or next-day delivery on many items, furniture upgrades in your bedroom can still give you that rush of instant gratification.


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Impulse buys can range from cringe-worthy to shockingly worthwhile. However, when you purchase the items on this list, you won’t be searching for the store’s return policy right after checking out! You also won’t have to worry about digging for coupon codes or dread opening your next credit card statement.

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