5 Things to Do Before Selling Your House

If you were planning on selling your home, there’s no time like the present. With a low inventory of available homes and an increasing number of people looking to buy a house, the law of supply and demand is on your side. Right now, many homeowners are capitalizing on this opportunity to sell their homes at—and often above—market value. While it may be a seller’s market, there are still a few things you should do before you put your house on the market to ensure it sells quickly and for top dollar. Check these items off your home-selling checklist before listing your house.

1. Do all the little DIY projects you’ve been avoiding

It might not matter to you that the paint on your baseboards is a little scuffed, or that one of the lights in the guest bathroom burned out two years ago, but it matters to buyers. Ensuring your home looks as tidy and well-maintained as possible before you list can be the difference between selling in a few days versus selling in a matter of weeks (or months). It’s time to finish all those DIY projects you’ve been putting off. Your home will likely sell quicker, and potentially attract even better offers.

2. Clean, then clean some more

Once you’ve finished all your last-minute home projects, it’s time to clean. And not just your regular weekly cleaning routine. You need to get into every nook and cranny. Scrub the kitchen sink, wipe down light switches and doorknobs, empty your laundry hampers, vacuum, mop, and generally make every room in your house look as spotless as possible. Depending on the size of your home—and whether you have kids and/or pets—it’s often a worthwhile investment to hire a professional cleaning service to keep your sanity.

3. Declutter

You might derive a lot of joy from browsing your collection of eccentric figurines, or looking through that pile of books in the corner you keep meaning to read, but chances are that potential buyers will not share your enthusiasm. Take one room at a time. Clean up papers that you no longer need by recycling or shredding. Donate or give away books, toys, and household items that your family has outgrown. The fewer items on display or scattered around your home, the more buyers can focus on what they’re there for: the house.

4. Consider staging

You should no longer think of your furniture as “that comfy place I sit while watching Netflix” when your home is on the market. When you list your home, that furniture becomes a marketing tool that can showcase what a wonderful place your house is to live. Rearrange rooms to create inviting vignettes. Remove pieces if it feels too crowded, or strategically add pieces that will leave the potential buyer thinking, “I could live here.”  

If you’re already overwhelmed or don’t quite have an eye for design, consider opting to hire a professional. Professional home staging services can ensure that your space is maximized to its fullest potential before it hits the market.  In turn, a home staging service can help prospective buyers better visualize your current space as their own. 

5. Make your own move easier

The ultimate goal is to sell your house, so don’t get caught flat-footed if it sells faster than expected. If you’re trying to figure out where to live after selling your primary residence and need to settle into a new place quickly while doing your own home search, why not have your temporary space furnished for you? Rather than moving your own furniture multiple times, save yourself the headache. Moving is a stressful time no matter what, so why not remove some of the stress if possible?

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