Best Home Improvement Projects to Tackle in the Winter!

If cold weather is preventing you from spending time outdoors, never fear! The list of home improvement projects you can do to revamp your space is truly endless. So, pull out the hammers and paintbrushes, and add these home improvement projects to your winter “honey-do” list!

Change Up Your Walls

The easiest and fastest way to make a massive impact in your space is with this classic DIY home project — painting. But be sure to hit the walls with some spackling paste and elbow grease first because repairing small holes and imperfections makes a considerable difference in the outcome. Consider testing new colors with small paint samples from the hardware store as well to ensure your final choice looks good at every time of day — from sunrise to the midnight glow of Netflix.

Painting is a perfect home improvement project for winter, but remember to select low vapor options since your windows won’t be open. Can’t paint? Try removable wallpapers or large tapestries to refresh the look of your walls without making it permanent.

Give Your Place a Safety Refresh

If you don’t have carbon monoxide and smoke detectors already, it’s time to buy some. For many, winter temperatures mean shutting the windows and staying indoors — meaning air quality is more important than ever. It wouldn’t hurt to check your fire extinguishers, too, to make sure they’re ready for emergency use.

Update Your Lighting

Make your space brighter, lighter, and more inviting by swapping out light fixtures, introducing modern lamps, adding under-cabinet LEDs, and exchanging old light bulbs for new, energy-efficient, color correct varieties. Not only does updating your lighting bring more cheerfulness into your home, but it could increase your home’s value too. Summer might be far away, but with this DIY home project, your at-home winter aesthetic will be sunnier in the flip of a switch.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Make the switch and save! A programmable thermostat will control the temperature in your space to make it warmest while people and pets are home, as well as maintain a moderate temperature while you’re at work or running errands. Upgrading saves approximately $150 on utility bills over the course of a year, so you’ll be warm and toasty while padding your bank account — total win!

Swap Out Your Shower Head

Make it rain by updating your shower head to create a spa experience like no other! By upgrading this feature, you could save money on water utilities, enhance functionality, amp up your bathroom’s style, and improve water pressure, all in the warmest spot in your house — the shower.

Hang Artwork

Home improvement projects for winter don’t have to all be about ice and snow! Hanging artwork is a simple (and warm!) way to improve your space. You’ll be able to enjoy it all year round, which just makes it sweeter. Try a gallery wall if you have a lot of art to hang, or go with statement pieces if you only want to show off your favorites. Art adds color, interest, and personality to your space — what more could you ever want from a home improvement project?

Weather Wrap Your Windows and Doors

Use weatherproofing plastic to seal your windows against cold drafts, and add weatherproofing strips to your doors to boost your home’s efficiency and warmth throughout the cold of the season.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Change the flow of your space by rearranging your furniture! Introduce new feng shui, or just reposition the layout, so things are cozier and more comfortable to access. It might seem like a pain at first, but nothing shifts a room more effectively while remaining so perfectly impermanent. Find the perfect use of your space by rearranging and moving sofas, sectionals, beds, and tables until you get everything just right.

Furniture Still Not Cutting It?

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