How to Design a More Productive Workspace: Home Office Layout Ideas

Is your home office primed for maximum productivity, or are you suffering from back pain due to typing on the couch? If you need an upgraded home office layout, you can spruce up your space in no time with these easy, budget-friendly tips!

Home office ideas for every room

Don’t think you have the square footage required for a home office? As it turns out, there’s a strong chance you probably do! Whether you have an entire room that’s designated as your office, or you work from home in a spare bedroom, you can put together a functional and inspirational workspace worth showing off on Zoom!

A bit of creativity and an open mind are all it takes to transform your office dreams into a rewarding reality. To help you in designing a home office space, the team at CORT Furniture Outlet has come up with some awesome layout ideas you can use for every room.

Home office ideas for small spaces

Small spaces present unique design challenges, but they’re also an invitation to reimagine what’s possible for your home office desk layout. If you live in a small house or apartment, you might opt for furniture you can collapse (and tuck away) at the end of every workday.

Think folding tables are just for tailgates and backyard BBQs? Think again! Foldable tables are an ideal choice for your humble abode — especially when they’re paired with a space-saving chair!

When the clock strikes 5:00, you can store your table for the evening and then bring it out again at the start of your next workday. This process might become a nice routine for you and is a practical way to establish a work-life balance as you’re spending more time at home.

Home office ideas for study rooms

If you have a study room available for studying, working, or reading, there are many possibilities for decorating your space. One of the best options is to go with a multi-use desk made for the modern workplace. If you need something with more storage and legroom, consider a credenza-style executive desk!

Once you’ve zeroed in on your ideal desk, find complementary pieces to complete the space. If you plan on hosting clients for in-person meetings, a couple of guest chairs or armchairs may be suitable, depending on your line of business. Additionally, utility cabinets and drawer units can help keep sensitive documents out of sight but within reach!

Home office ideas for bedrooms

A spare bedroom can be an amazing work from home space, but you’ll need the right furniture to make it happen — and some out-of-the-box thinking will come in handy, too! Depending on your home’s layout, you can turn a guest bedroom into an office-bedroom combo by down-sizing the bed in favor of an office nook.

Alternatively, if your bedroom has a large walk-in closet, you can create a cloffice, which will give you the privacy and quiet you need to take work calls and get in the flow. Not sure where to start designing your cloffice? Begin by stashing away all the stuff you currently have in your closet — neatly folding clothes into a dresser, and stacking boxes and paperwork inside a wardrobe with shelves. Add in a small desk, a space-saving lamp, and a comfy office chair, and you’ve got a unique space that’ll help you stay focused on all those impending deadlines. Spruce it up further with modern wall art and faux plants.

Home office ideas for living rooms

As you’re mulling over how to create a home office in the living room, rearranging the space should be your first order of business. Consider moving your sofa or loveseat against the longest wall, getting rid of your coffee table in favor of side tables, and then placing your desk and chair directly in front of the window. In doing so, you can really open up the square footage in the center of the room, which will make things feel super open and airy (rather than cramped or crowded).

You can also incorporate a freestanding partition to separate your desk in the living room from the area reserved for lounging or entertaining. A room-dividing screen provides some much-needed privacy for work hours while subtly blending into your space. And whenever you need to open up the room for larger gatherings, the screen can quickly be removed and repositioned later on.

Home office ideas for dining rooms

If you don’t use your formal dining room for dining, there’s an opportunity to convert this space into your personal home office. A dining room is not only an excellent spot to set up a desk and some shelving, but it can display family photos or a calendar of activities, as well.

CORT Furniture Outlet has some beautiful selections that will make a great addition to any dining room workspace, including L-shaped desks. An L-shaped desk has the advantage of tucking neatly into a corner, but will still give you plenty of room to spread out while you’re plugging away at the day’s agenda.

Alternatively, if you do have a formal dining set, simply swap out one of the end chairs in favor of an ergonomic office chair during the week. When you’re at work, you can use the dining table as a desk and switch the chairs back for hosting guests over the weekend! CORT Outlet has styles available for extra back support, ease of movement, and even stackability, which are well-suited to a transitional room such as this.

Let’s Get to Work!

Regardless of whether you’ve had a home office for years or you recently went remote, it’s always a great time to enhance your workspace and increase your productivity. So when you’re ready to put these home office layout tips into action, check out your local CORT Furniture Outlet for high-quality, low-priced office furniture.

CORT offers all kinds of matching sets you’ll love that are much easier on your wallet than purchasing individual units. And while fast furniture is likely to fall apart and let you down, CORT Outlet’s previously-rented pieces are both sturdy and sustainable.

Plus, our stylish office furnishings and accents are ready for you to take home the day you buy them — no need to wait days, weeks, or months for delivery! Visit CORT Furniture Outlet online or in-person at your local store, and let us transform your workspace today!

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