How to Make WFH Feel Like You’re at the Office

Remote work gives you the freedom you’ve always wanted. But how much freedom is too much? If you find yourself sleeping in, forgetting to wear pants, and slogging through the workday while working from home, it may be time to try a new routine!

Try these four tips for working from home to enjoy your newfound flexibility while also delivering better-than-ever performance.

1. Create a Dedicated Workspace

Today’s light yet powerful laptops make working from the couch or bed all too easy. Resist that temptation and create a dedicated workspace instead.

Working from the comfort of your bed sounds like the greatest thing since sliced bread. However, it may cause your mind to associate work and your bed — a connection that can interfere with your sleep quality.

Working from your bed or comfy recliner can also encourage poor ergonomics. The Mayo Clinic offers some helpful advice on what proper computer posture looks like and which office essentials you can invest in to help you maintain it! Even if you only have “room” for an office in your bedroom, you can set up a proper home office in a small space with a few lifehacks.

2. Dress for Work from Home Success

Regardless of how comfy they are, sweats and a ragged t-shirt won’t set the right tone for a workday.

No, really. They won’t.

Working from home may offer you a break from going all-out on your top-tier office wear, but it’s still important to dress for success. Doing so can help:

  • Boost your spirits
  • Compartmentalize your workday
  • Express your professionalism during virtual meetings

3. Establish a Routine and Stick To It

Working from home pretty much means you can follow a different whim every day, right? You can stay up late while binging your favorite streaming program, sleep in until noon, and eventually boot up your work PC in time for lunch.

Not so fast!

You’ll be far more productive if, while working from home, you establish — and stick to — a routine. Whatever routine you decide doesn’t need to match up perfectly with your office routine. Still, it might come close:

Rise early for a shower and healthy breakfast
Begin your workday promptly
Take a lunch break around noon
Wrap things up by late afternoon or early evening

You’re saving personal time by forgoing a commute and other office life necessities, so you’ll likely still have more flexibility than ever. But a routine will help ensure you get the job done and then can walk away from your desk satisfied with another productive day!

4. Plan Your Face Time

Having fewer in-person meetings is a blessing and a curse for many remote workers.

These seemingly dull meetings in drab conference rooms with stale snacks offer valuable face time with coworkers. And some of those coworkers may eventually play a role in influencing your future success.

Rather than distancing yourself from meetings entirely, make a point to schedule a few virtual meet-ups each week. A well-run meeting can help your team stay efficient, transparent, and collaborative.

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