Inexpensive Display Shelving Ideas for Your Small Business

From lovingly designing your brand’s logo to diligently keeping the books, running a small business means you have to pay attention to every last detail (and every last penny). So, when the time for your next pop-up shop, farmer’s market, or launch rolls around, make sure you have everything you need to display your products with pride. Use these seven inexpensive display shelving ideas from the experts at CORT for your small business. 

Display Your Merchandise on Bookshelves 

Bookshelves are not exclusively for storing books! Bookshelves are relatively easy for toting from pop-up to pop-up, and sturdy enough to load up with your offerings. Choose an interesting bookshelf with a variety of shelf sizes and cubbies – like the Ancia Bookcase – to add some interest to your display. Sprinkling in a bit of décor, like small plants or lamps, can instantly make it look polished and professional.

Create a Display Using Pegboards 

When it comes to versatile and affordable small business shelving ideas, pegboards are at the top of the list. You can buy a pegboard from most home improvement stores, and there’s no limit to the different ways you can utilize it. Pegboards are perfect for both brick-and-mortar shops and merchants on the go as they can be easily assembled for a farmer’s market or pop-up. 

Add hooks, shelves, and rods to hang and hold your products. Prop your pegboard against a wall or add a wooden base so it can stand alone. If you want it to look a bit more sophisticated, spruce it up with a coat of paint or even a frame. There are so many ways to arrange and rearrange a pegboard display, so it can evolve as your small business does.

Display and Store Products with a Console Table

It’s remarkable how elevated your stand or store instantly looks when you swap out a cheap folding table for a nice console table. A simple, lightweight option, like the Gibson Console, is perfectly portable and still offers storage for holding inventory, bags, and so on. Place baskets, racks, or other small displays on top of the console to create height and interest – and catch the eyes of shoppers.

Paint and Hang Wooden Crates for Instant Rustic Shelving

If you have wall space to work with, consider repurposing basic wooden crates to make the rustic wall display of your dreams. Fancy them up a bit with a fresh coat of paint, and drill the bottom of the crates into the wall. Then, fill your crates with bags of coffee, candles, food, or whatever else you’re selling. You can also stack crates for a simple farmers market display. Use a variety of crate sizes and paint colors to create great-looking, cheap functional shelving.

Repurpose Funky Sculpture Pieces as Product Display

Creativity is the mark of a successful entrepreneur! If you’re in search of creative retail displays for small business, don’t go with a basic shelving unit. Showcase your creativity by presenting your products on a piece of art, like this Blox Screen room divider. Drape fabrics, prop artwork, or hang jewelry on it – play around to create a display that is one-of-a-kind yet functional. 

Stock Up on Affordable Clothing Racks

Clothing racks are a small business essential, whether you run a clothing boutique or simply sell t-shirts with your logo. Grab one or two (or five) clothing racks for cheap from CORT Furniture Outlet and easily tote and display clothing wherever your business takes you. Keep in mind that these multipurpose racks can also be used to display hats, leather goods, fabrics, and purses! Because these are so portable and can be easily rearranged as needed, these racks are great retail displays for small spaces.

Embrace the Industrial Look of Budget-Friendly Wire Shelving

When you’re outfitting a small business, you probably don’t instantly think of office-style wire shelving – but you should! Options like these wire shelves or the Framework Shelf are attractive practical options for displaying your products, and they make your space (or stand) look industrial chic. The shelves lose the cold, office feel as soon as they’re lovingly decorated with your shop’s goodies. This is a simple, portable, and affordable option that works well for any environment (plus, they can be used in your stockroom or back office, too!) For more ideas on setting up your small business, check out our blog post How to Design a More Productive Workspace: Home Office Layout Ideas.

Create Dazzling Displays with CORT Furniture Outlet 

When it comes to attracting customers and making a sale, it’s all about catching the eye. Use these display ideas for small businesses to make a splash and showcase your products. Ready to set up your small business for big success? Don’t overpay for shelves and accessories! Find durable and stylish new and pre-owned credenzas, shelves, and more at your local CORT Furniture Outlet


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