The Goldilocks Guide: Find the Right Bed Size for You!

There are a few versions of the fairytale Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but one of the most popular involves a girl trying out the beds of a family of bears while they’re away. She famously finds the first bed too hard, the second bed too soft, and the third “just right!” If you’re mattress shopping, you might feel like Goldilocks: too hard, too soft, too big, too small. So, how do you know what bed size is right for your relaxing retreat? This guide will help you decide.


Understanding Bed Sizes


If it’s time for a new mattress but you’re unsure what you need, start by learning the sizes commonly available.




Twin mattress measurements: 38 in wide x 75 in long


Twin beds are also known as single beds. These beds are typically designed for children and are commonly used for kids’ bunk beds. Twin mattresses also work well in small spaces.


Twin XL


Twin XL measurements: 38 in wide x 80 in long


Twin XL beds are most commonly found in dorm rooms, as their larger size better accommodates young adults.




Full mattress measurements: 53 in wide x 75 in long


You may wonder: Is a double bed the same as a full? Yes! A full-size mattress, or a double, is slightly wider than a twin. These are comfortable for a single adult or two small adults.




Queen mattress dimensions: 60 in wide x 80 in long


Queen-size mattresses are one of the most popular on the market because they can comfortably fit two average adults with room to spare. How wide is a queen bed? At 60 inches wide, a queen-sized bed can be plenty for you, plus all your pillows and pets.




King mattress dimensions: 76 in wide x 80 in long


King-size mattresses are a major luxury, offering twice the width of a twin bed. These larger mattresses are great for couples, especially those sharing with pets or kids.


California King


California king mattress dimensions: 72 in wide x 84 in long


What is the biggest bed size? Well, that depends on if you’re talking about width or length. A king-size bed is the widest, but a Cali king is the longest! California king beds are a few inches narrower than a standard king but a few inches longer, making them an excellent choice for taller people.


Choosing the Right Size Mattress for You


While the dimensions of a bed are essential to know, there are other factors to consider before purchasing a new mattress. Here are a few of the most important:


1. Lifestyle.


How many occupants will there be in the bed? Consider if your partner often sleeps in the same bed as you, as well as pets and children. Everyone needs to have space within the bed for comfort and safety, especially for small children.


2. Size of the room and doorways.


One of the more practical considerations when choosing a bed size is whether it will fit through the doorway and make sense in the room. While mattresses feel soft to lay on, traditional mattresses with springs are not very flexible. 


Measure your doors to ensure every piece will fit easily, and measure your bedroom to ensure enough room to walk past the bed. Some oversized mattresses, especially king-sized ones, may come in two pieces for easier moving.


3. Your sleeping style.


Do you sleep hot? Or do you “starfish” and take up most of the bed? Or maybe you need exactly seven pillows to be comfortable. If so, you may need a larger bed. This is especially true if your partner or pet also sleeps with you. They’ll appreciate the space.


4. Don’t forget your budget.


It might seem easy just to purchase the biggest bed possible and enjoy the room to roam. However, it’s not always the best choice for your budget. The price increases as mattresses, beds, and even sheets and blankets get larger. A twin mattress is cheaper than a king, and the sheets are, too.


5. Think about future moves.


Mattresses are one of the most challenging items to move. They’re bulky, unwieldy, and particularly hard to get down a narrow, winding staircase. If you move frequently or know that you’ll be moving soon, the smallest bed you can comfortably sleep in may be the best choice to help keep moving simple.


Tips for Bed Shopping Online


Buying a mattress online can be tricky, but it is possible with these tips.


Measure, measure, measure.


Break out the tape measure for this one because you don’t want to get your brand-new mattress home and discover it doesn’t fit through your front door. Measure your room to ensure you have enough space to open all the doors, walk around, open dresser drawers, use nightstands, etc. Measure your doorways to make sure you can fit the mattress through the door, and if you have to turn down any hallways, measure those, too.


Review the mattress reviews.


Mattresses are a personal purchase: everyone has a subjective opinion of comfort. However, online reviews can be a decent gauge of mattress quality and comfort. Look for reviews that mention the materials and construction of the mattress, and seek out common themes. 


For example, are there dozens of reviews that mention their mattress began to sag after just a few months? Does it generally have favorable comments? Individual reviews regarding comfort can be difficult to trust, but if they are overwhelmingly negative, they may point to a genuine issue.


Know your comfort preferences.


As mentioned above, comfort is subjective and very personal. A firmer mattress may be more supportive to one person and feel like sleeping on a rock to another. Even if you can’t try the mattress you’re interested in, trying out different mattresses in a store can be helpful to get an idea of what you prefer.


If you and your partner have different preferences, you may have to come to a compromise to ensure everyone gets a good night’s sleep. If you have health concerns, check with your doctor to see if they have a recommendation for mattress style and firmness that may benefit you.


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