Home Reno Series: Minimalist Bedroom on a Budget

Your bedroom should be an oasis within your home—a calm, refreshing space where you can easily unwind and relax at the end of every day. For some, this haven comes in the form of a clean and simple minimalist design.

If you’re exploring minimalist remodeling ideas on a budget, here’s how to achieve the perfect look. 

Make a Statement

Opt for high-contrast color schemes to make a big impact with a minimalist look. If you want to keep it classic, go for a black-and-white color palette. Black statement furniture or accent items add a sophisticated focal point that anchors the room, while white details feel fresh. This dramatic color scheme instantly lends elegance to a minimalist bedroom.

Start with clean, white walls, and then add a few pieces of black furniture, like a dresser, bureau, or bookshelf. Top the bed with a white comforter and black-and-white throw pillows in a bold, graphic print, and add an all-black or black-accented headboard with sharp lines and no frills.

Complete the look with smaller accents like picture frames, jewelry holders, or flower vases in an elegant gold, or choose something bright for a pop of color. For a warmer spin on this look, paint an accent wall in a subdued hue.

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Minimalist Metal

For a minimalist take on current décor trends, try modern wooden furniture with metal hairpin legs. Maintain this look for every major piece of furniture in your room, including your bed, dresser, and end tables.

Choose lamp bases, picture frames, and other accents in white or in the same metal as your furniture legs for a clean, cohesive look that achieves that minimalist aesthetic without feeling boring or overly sparse.

Kiss Clutter Goodbye

Once you’ve selected your furniture and color scheme, it’s time to figure out what to do with all your stuff. An airy, open space helps achieve a minimalist look, so you’ll want to keep clutter to a minimum.

Consider utilizing a simple platform bed with built-in drawers or adding an upholstered storage bench at the end of the bed or underneath a window for style and function. A row of canvas storage boxes or woven storage baskets along the top shelf of a closet can also work wonders for keeping things organized and out of sight. 

Remember—part of eschewing clutter in your bedroom means relying on negative space as an element of your design aesthetic. 

A Floor to Ceiling Effect

As part of your minimalist bedroom style, your window treatments shouldn’t make a huge statement or be the focal point of your space. Choose sheer curtains in a light or neutral color for a clean effect. 

Likewise, your bedroom flooring is an important element in completing your minimalist look. Complement a black-and-white color scheme with gray tile or a natural wood flooring in a light color. Or think about using natural, knotted wood as the perfect stage for an all-white room, and then add an area rug in a neutral tone. 

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A Makeover Within Reach

Are you ready to take the first steps toward the minimalist bedroom makeover you’ve been dreaming of? Start by clearing out clutter and taking inventory of your favorite pieces as you plan for a spare, sophisticated space.

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