8 Tips That Make Buying Furniture Online Easy

At this point, you probably buy almost everything online – from clothes to dog food and even things like lightbulbs! But have you ever bought furniture online? 


Buying furniture online may seem intimidating. After all, how are you supposed to know whether that gorgeous sofa will fit in your living room? This guide will unveil the secrets of furniture buying online: how to measure your space and furniture, how delivery works, and even how to spot a scam! Keep reading to become an online furniture expert.


1. Know the Differences Between Buying Furniture Online vs. Store


Buying furniture online is a different experience than buying at a store for some obvious and other less obvious reasons. Keep these in mind.


You won’t be able to sit on it.


When you buy furniture online, you can’t test it out first. It is important to shop on sites like CORT Furniture Outlet, with a generous 14-day return policy if you aren’t in love with your new furniture. 


You’ll likely have more variety.


Where a furniture store may be limited in options and quantities in stock, online stores tend to have a greater selection. You can find the exact style and price you’re looking for. After all, if you have to special order something from the furniture store anyway, it defeats the purpose of in-person shopping for instant gratification!


You can shop on your own time.


Midnight furniture shopping? Go for it! When you buy furniture online, you can shop on your own time, whether during your kiddo’s naptime or in the wee hours of the morning after a long study session.


2. Learn How to Measure Furniture Dimensions


Photos alone can make it difficult to judge the size of a piece of furniture. So, if you shop online, it’s important to know what different furniture measurements mean. Typically, furniture dimensions will look like this: 


89” D x 50”H x 65”W


In this example, those are the measurements of a bedframe. Here’s how to measure furniture and understand those numbers.


  • D/Depth: The measurement of the piece front-to-back. In the example above, the depth of the bedframe is measured from the headboard to the footboard. On a sofa, it would be the seat length from the back cushion to the edge.


  • H/Height: The vertical, or floor-to-top, size of the object. For this bedframe, the height is the measurement from the floor to the tallest point of the headboard.


  • W/Width: The horizontal, or side-to-side, size of the object. In this example of a bedframe, the width is the widest point of one side of the headboard horizontally to the other.


3. Make Sure Your New Furniture Will Fit


When deciding what furniture size you need, first consider measuring the width, height, and depth of your current furniture. Then, lay out the measurements of the furniture you’re interested in relative to your existing furniture to see how it will change.


If you live in a small apartment or unusually shaped home, measuring your doorways can also be helpful to ensure that the new furniture can fit inside.


4. Embrace Next-Day Furniture Delivery or Pickup


One massive benefit of in-store shopping is the instant gratification of buying something and taking it home immediately. While online shopping can’t typically offer that, you can seek out stores that offer quick delivery or even pickup options. For example, CORT Furniture Outlet has pickup and delivery options available to fit your schedule and lifestyle.


5. Shop Used for Better Prices on Great Pieces


“Used furniture” might evoke images of musty old stores. However, that isn’t always the case. CORT Furniture Outlet used products are inspected and cleaned by our team of experts. Used furniture can come at a significant discount, meaning your dollar goes further, and you can buy things you’ll love for many years to come! You can even find things like televisions and wall decor to round out your new style.


6. Know How to Spot a Scam


With any kind of online shopping, you have to be wary of scams. From fake products to viruses and malware, the internet can be dangerous. Only order from legitimate sites and trust your gut; if you feel uncertain, check with trusted sources and look for reviews.


7. Find Out If You’ll Need to Assemble It


Picture this: you ordered your new dining room table, and it gets delivered just in time for your big dinner party. But wait – it’s in a thousand little pieces, and you don’t even know where your screwdriver is! Before you place your order, check to see how your furniture will get delivered. Some online furniture shops ship from overseas and keep their costs low by breaking furniture down into many small pieces.


Ordering furniture online from stores near you, like your local CORT Furniture Outlet, often allows you to have your furniture delivered and assembled.


8. Shop at CORT Furniture Outlet!


When you shop for furniture online, you can end up with more questions than answers. What does “like new” mean? Does this fit in my living room? And am I going to have to haul it up the stairs myself?


CORT Furniture Outlet has your answers. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting with detailed photos and descriptions as well as dimensions. Best of all, CORT Outlet offers furniture at up to 70% off new retail prices. That means you’ll have peace of mind about what you’re ordering, and so will your wallet. Visit your local CORT Furniture Outlet or shop online today!

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