4 Cost-Effective Ways to Stage Your Space On Your Own

Whether you want to redecorate or stage your space for entertaining, fix it up for potential buyers, or just adopt a more polished look, the thought of doing so may initially seem out of reach. Don’t worry; fortunately, you don’t have to hire a professional or break the bank to make updates. Check out these four smart and cost-effective ways to stage your space to reflect your design style.

Borrow or Refurbish Furniture 

Undertaking the staging of your home own can seem overwhelming at first – which is why we always recommend you work with a professional – but it’s not impossible! At the very beginning of your staging journey, look over your budget and let that determine what will be the best option for you. Here are a few solutions to get you started.

  1. Borrow Furniture from Friends and Family – Don’t be afraid to borrow furniture if you need to stage your home for something quickly, like getting it ready to sell. Borrowing can be a great way to get your space in top shape without having to spend a dime. Perhaps a family member has a great coffee table sitting in their living room that they wouldn’t mind lending you, or a friend doesn’t have enough space for a bookshelf and is looking to give it away.
  2. Refurbish Secondhand Furniture – You may be surprised at what your friends and family members may be willing to let go of. In addition, you may know someone who just doesn’t want a piece of furniture anymore. This can be a great opportunity to get some unique, high-quality, secondhand pieces that you can refurbish into something new without breaking your budget. Something simple like adding a fresh coat of paint in a fun color or some new furniture hardware can be a talking point for potential visitors.

Repurpose Household Items

Sometimes you have amazing home decor pieces right around you, but they go unnoticed either from being tucked away or covered by clutter. Now that it’s time to rework your space, look at the pieces you have, are they arranged in a way that works for your square footage and layout? For example, moving a few things around here and there can give the same space and furniture a whole new life and personality. Not only the position of your furniture but the pieces themselves are important to look at. With a new arrangement, you can create a space that is much more comfortable and accommodating for your next get-together or holiday reunion. When rearranging, consider the furniture pieces you have in each room. Perhaps a side table you have in your bedroom would look much better and be more functional in your living room. You may be surprised how simply switching some furniture up can help you achieve the look you are going for without having to buy all completely new pieces.

Purchase Used Pieces

Who says you have to buy completely new furniture? Purchasing a new set of furniture at a high retail price will only hurt your wallet, and you don’t have to do so to find stylish pieces. There is plenty of high-quality and beautiful pre-owned furniture available through places like CORT Furniture Outlet. When you’re in search of quality, budget-friendly finds for your entire home, browse our ever-changing collection of decor, electronics, and stylish dining, living, and bedroom furniture at up to 70% off original pricing. Shop our assortment of new and gently used furniture online or in-store today.

Maximize Your Space’s Potential

When staging, it’s important to highlight the best qualities of your space.  Consider creating a charming breakfast nook for your home, setting up a relaxing reading corner with a patterned accent chair, or adding great outdoor-friendly furniture on your patio as a place to entertain and unwind with a glass of wine.

Let your space serve as your canvas, whether a simple switch-up or a total remodel. For smaller projects, don’t be afraid to try something new, like going with fun wallpaper, a new floor lamp, or adding bold, colorful decor as a focal point. For bigger projects, you may want to bring the look full circle by installing new luxury vinyl plank flooring for a price-friendly wood look or adding recessed lighting, as well as furniture upgrades to go with your new design. Depending on the extent of your staging remodel, leveraging your home’s equity through a line of credit may be a useful funding option, as it allows you to take out just the amount needed.

Whatever the inspiration for your staging may be, through projects big or small, your home will surely have its own special character worth highlighting. Use these four tips, along with your own personal design skills, to bring out your home’s best features with furniture and accessories.

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