How to Arrange an L-Shaped Living Room Couch

L-shaped couches and sectionals are prime real estate for relaxation — you can stretch your legs out, snuggle with loved ones, or doze off comfortably. However, because of their size and shape, an L-shaped couch can easily dominate a room. 

Decorating a living room with an L-shaped sectional couch can be tricky, but we have some tips for how to best arrange your L-shaped couch for a stylish and functional living room!  

Best for Large Living Spaces: Place Your L-Shaped Sofa Center Stage

Let your L-shaped sofa be the star of the show by placing it in the center of the room! Face the longer section towards a focal point — like a fireplace or TV. This layout provides ample room for additional furnishings and lends itself to any style, whether you’re leaning toward luxury or cultivating a boho vibe.

To fill out a large, open living room, you’ll need to incorporate tables, ottomans, and chairs. Once your couch is in place, place a console table or long, low bookcase behind one side of the sofa. Then, add a low coffee table or large ottoman to the center of the L. Expand your seating options by placing two matching chairs opposite either end of your sectional, angled toward the center of the L, to make a square layout. A large rug layered underneath will tie your room together and add cohesion. For a style and comfort boost, toss a few throw pillows on the sofa and drape a decorative blanket over the back!

Don’t forget to tie in your additional seating. Select complementary lumbar pillows for your set of chairs, and make your space pop with coordinating floor-length drapes. You can convey luxury with velvet and leather or go all-natural with linen, cotton, or mud cloth.

Best for Small Spaces: Create a Cozy Corner with Your L-Shaped Couch

When you’re placing an L-shaped couch in a small space, you have to ensure it doesn’t gobble up the room. In smaller areas, it’s best to put an L-shaped sectional in the corner of the room, as this allows for better flow. 

If you’re tight on space, consider pushing your sectional flush against the wall so that the corner piece of the couch is nestled into the corner of the room. If you have a little room to spare, keep your couch a few inches off of the wall. 

Complete your cozy media room or living room setup with an armchair and ottoman. Depending on how much space you have, you can opt for a low coffee table or a C-table that can tuck in against the sofa when needed.

Finish the room with a large area rug that will fill the space, but center it so that only the front legs of the sofa and chair are on the rug. A bright room will look larger, so add a floor lamp behind the chair and allow natural light to flow in!

You can choose to fill the wall space above the sofa with a large painting, framed mirror, or a gallery wall

Best for Open-Concept: Create a “Room Divider” with an L-Shaped Sectional

Wondering how to arrange an L-shaped living room sofa in a one-bedroom or studio-style apartment? You can use your sectional to create more “rooms”! 

Arrange your L-shaped sofa so that one edge backs up to the open space, like the kitchen or dining nook. This way, the sofa will bring some separation to your open floorplan!

To fully furnish your living area, consider poufs or modern, minimalistic chairs to keep a low profile and prevent the space from feeling cramped. 

Lighter colors and materials will give the room a larger feel, so keep large items in neutral hues. In need of a pop of color? Opt for fun throw pillows, lamps, and wall art

Keep your whole apartment or loft cohesive, but make sure each “room” is distinct. Before you get started, consider what style you want your space to be.

Best for Spaces with Large Windows: Take in the View From Your L-Shaped Sofa

Does your living area have a wall of breathtaking, tall windows? Use your L-shaped sofa to create the perfect spot to lounge in the sun! 

Start by lining the wall of windows with the sofa. The focal point (TV, fireplace, etc) will be on the wall opposite the windows.

Slip a slim bookcase against the wall behind the other end of the sofa, which can double as storage and a place to display decor. Tuck a tall plant or tree (real or faux) near the end of the sofa against the windows. Make the most of your ample natural light with light textiles and colors. Consider a light-colored wood or glass coffee table to emphasize your light, bright space. 

Final Step: Polish Off Your Living Room with Accent Furniture and Decor 

 Now that you have your L-shaped sectional perfectly arranged in your living room, it’s time to complete the look with the right accent furniture and decor! Start with your L-shaped sofa. Add colorful accent pillows and a throw blanket to incorporate your personal style. Next, if you need additional seating, find an accent chair that fits with the room’s aesthetic. Add a coffee table and at least one side table — a perfect landing spot for your morning cup of joe or a guest’s drink. Add an area rug, lighting, and artwork, and voila! Your space stands ready for everyday life!  

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