July 2024

According to Maryville University, 38% of their undergraduates are older than 25. With the prevalence of online classes and an ever-changing job market, many adults are choosing to go back to school for a career shift while still working full-time.


However, a critical piece of how to go back to school as an adult involves your home: ensuring you have a suitable space to study, attend online classes, and do homework after work. These tips will help you design your work and study space to ace your classes and boost your career!

It seems like the internet has a knack for tossing the word “-core” at the end of any noun and calling it an aesthetic. It can be hard to track all the different types of aesthetics, especially if you’re trying to keep your home decor timeless.


If you’re looking to refresh your home but want to ensure that your new look has staying power, these are our favorite up-to-date aesthetics with timeless elements.