Turn Your Home into the Perfect Holiday Photo Backdrop

Are you planning to take your yearly holiday photos at home this year? If so, you may be wondering how to achieve a studio look in your everyday living space. Well, stop wondering and start decorating with these ideas to turn your home into the perfect holiday photo backdrop!

Fresh and Fun DIY Photo Backdrop Ideas

It’s almost time to send out your annual holiday cards, and this year, you’re flexing your creative muscle to construct a DIY photoshoot backdrop. But if the thought of styling a winter-scene from scratch feels overwhelming, not to worry! We’ve compiled a list of budget-friendly at-home family photo ideas so that you can turn your living room into a winter wonderland with ease.

1. Make it metallic

If you’re in search of an excellent alternative to traditional holiday colors, look no further than a silver and gold color palette! Decorating with metallics is a great way to freshen things up, while still feeling seasonally appropriate.

To make a metallic holiday photo backdrop, start by purchasing a silver fringe curtain and two dozen gold balloons from a local party store. Have the store fill six of them with helium and blow the other ones up yourself (you’ll see why shortly!).

Adhere the fringe curtain to your preferred wall space and weigh down the helium balloons by attaching a rock to each string. Let the remaining balloons (the ones you blew up yourself) fall to the ground, and sprinkle a bit of gold tinsel alongside them for added flair. And that’s all there is to it — you’ve made an affordable and adorable backdrop, just like that!

2. Wrap it up

When you’re thinking about taking family photos at home, don’t underestimate the power of wrapping paper to transform a space. Wrapping paper is an inexpensive material that can go a long way; plus, you can buy it almost anywhere during the holidays.

Pick a fun, patterned paper, and cover an entire wall of your choosing. Next, cut out a few dozen handmade snowflakes, in all different shapes and sizes. Hang your creations from the ceiling using fishing line to make them look suspended in air, like real falling snow!

You can ask everyone to dress in their holiday best or go the tacky sweater route for something a little sillier. Either way, this simple-yet-whimsical DIY backdrop is sure to make your family and friends smile when they see it.

3. Create a cozy fire

Few things are cozier than cuddling up by the fire during the wintertime, so why not let this mood inspire your photo backdrop? For those with a real fireplace, you can decorate the mantel with stockings, candlesticks, garland, ribbon, and so on. Then, using caution, light a cozy fire, and have everyone pose a few feet in front of it for the ultimate seasonal setting.

And if your home doesn’t have a fireplace, you can make your own DIY a faux version in a snap! The idea is to replicate the warmth and comfort of crowding around a fire, but how you do that is totally up to you. Get creative in your interpretation, and get ready to take some adorable pictures when you’re done.

4. Go for an outdoors-inspired look

For an outdoors-inspired holiday photo backdrop, start with a dark, neutral wall. If you don’t have a wall painted for the occasion, simply cover one with a sheet, blanket, or colored kraft paper. A dark background will make your snowy scene pop!

Collect branches from your yard, or purchase some from a craft store if it’s easier. Check online for DIY blogs on making frosty branches using a few basic materials (spray paint, spray adhesive, Epsom salt, and glitter). Arrange the branches in clear vases, and bring in pinecones, faux snow, and twinkle lights to really make things shine.

Pull in accent chairs or a comfy sofa where the whole family can gather, and snap some pics with the beauty of the outdoors right in your own home.

5. Pair a pennant with presents

We all look forward to exchanging gifts with our loved ones during the holidays, so this idea is about incorporating the tradition into your family photoshoot. Wrap a variety of empty boxes in craft paper or bold prints, and add some ribbons or bows while you’re at it!

Then, using colored construction paper, string, and a hole punch, make your own festive pennant. Write one letter per triangle, spelling out Happy Holidays, or Merry Christmas, or another seasonal greeting of your choice.

Drape a wall in a white or cream-colored sheet, and attach the pennant to the background. Arrange or stack the wrapped boxes on the floor in front of you, and sprinkle your holiday guests around the “gifts” for an Insta-worthy shot!

Get Ready to Make and Capture Memories!

Hopefully, With this list as your guide, you feel more confident in your ability to design a DIY photoshoot backdrop on a budget. And if you still need a few furnishings or accessories for your space before you play holiday host, remember CORT Furniture Outlet is a prime spot for gently-used furniture and home decor. Check out your nearest furniture clearance center now, and find everything you need to make your celebrations extra special!