Think Pink: How to Decorate With Pink

Despite what might come to mind when you hear the phrase, decorating with pink doesn’t mean transforming your space into Elle Wood’s sorority bedroom. In fact, both millennials and Gen Z have proven that blush tones are the new neutral. If you’re thinking pink, we’ve got tips and tricks for incorporating the lovely hue into your home.

Incorporate pops of pink throughout your rooms.

Rather than going “all in” on pink, you can make an even bigger impact by strategically incorporating vibrant pops of pink room decor throughout your space. A large bouquet of pink flowers on your dining room table, a blush throw blanket in a sea of gray bedding, pink patterned curtains, pink lampshades on lamps, and pink hand towels – these can all draw the eye. Scattering smaller pink things throughout a room can make it feel very pink without looking like a Pepto-Bismol explosion. Plus, when you incorporate bold colors in this way, you can easily swap things out if you want to try something new.

Add pink accents to a neutral canvas.

One of the best things about pink is how many other colors it goes beautifully with: navy blue and pink, tan and pink, white and pink, gray and pink… it all looks fabulous! By keeping the “base” of your room neutral, it becomes a canvas for pink accents in every shade. Add rose-colored throw pillows onto your beige couch or complement your chic navy blue living room set with a pink rug. Hang pink wall art on your crisp white walls. There is no need to invest in an expensive pink couch or a dramatic pink headboard to create a gorgeous pink room. Instead, keep the base furniture neutral and add a little pink flair.

Create a vibrant accent wall.

If you want to make a bigger statement than pillows or lampshades, an accent wall will do the trick. Enhancing only one wall in a room with a coat of pink paint or some cute pink wallpaper, you won’t create an overwhelmingly pink space. For a calming effect, choose a subtle, soft pink paint or patterned light pink wallpapers. For a bold, more funky space, take the plunge with a daring hot pink! Then, decorate the rest of the room relatively neutrally and let the accent wall do all the talking.

Layer different shades of pink.

You don’t need to choose a light pink room or a dark pink room. Add dimension to your pink palace by layering multiple shades from the pink color palette within your space, like purple-pink color curtains against a pastel pink wall, or a baby pink area rug next to your deep pink bedding. In fact, incorporating a few different shades of pink can ensure a room doesn’t feel too flat or monotonous.

Spruce up your furniture with a bit of pink paint.

Instead of filling your room with pricey, all-pink furniture, why not use a little pink paint to spruce up the furniture you already have? Transform the old coffee table in your attic into the pink coffee table of your dreams, or reinvent those free side tables you found on Facebook Marketplace. Give your dresser knobs a coat of pink spray paint, and the piece will feel brand new!

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