10 Creative Ways to Display Artwork in Your Home

Artwork is a crucial element in making a home feel complete. It can bring color, life, and personality into an otherwise bland space. That said, choosing and displaying art can feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re renting and unsure of how to safely hang things. 


Don’t let your artwork anxieties keep you stuck in an undecorated space. With these tips and tricks, you can display your artwork in a way that enhances your home’s aesthetic – and transforms your living spaces into galleries that showcase your unique personalities and tastes.


1. Make Sure Every Room Has Proper Lighting


To fully capture the beauty of your selected artwork, it’s important that every room has adequate lighting. Of course, how much lighting you need and want depends a bit on the room type. For example, you may prefer softer, dimmer lights in places of relaxation, like your living room or bedroom. 


In your kitchen, bathroom, and office, you probably need a bit more light. You can add more light to a room by adding more light fixtures or using brighter bulbs! To show off art pieces, make sure they’re in direct line of the light source. If your overhead lighting or natural light isn’t enough to really appreciate your artwork, add even more light with lamps. Lamps can bring a more focused light to the room, while still reducing the harshness of some light fixtures.


2. Use Renter-Friendly Art Hanging Systems If Renting


If you’re in a rental unit, you’ll probably need to figure out how to hang art on walls without risking your security deposit. Fortunately, there are a few different ways to get art on the wall for renters. Products like Command Strips are perfect for hanging art without nails — and some of the bigger strips can support a decent amount of weight for heavier frames.


You can also display your art by clipping it onto strings, posting it on corkboard, or leaning it on floating shelves. Don’t let your living situation keep you from turning your space into a home. There are many ways to make wall art for renters possible!


3. Display Artwork in Unexpected Places


Sure, artwork looks great above your dining room buffet or centered above your couch, but there are so many more opportunities to decorate in less conventional spaces! 


Decorate the corner of the room with prints around an accent chair. Use multiple prints to create a frame around a doorway. Add small frames in your kitchen between stacks of bowls or next to the coffee mugs. Hang two large pieces of art directly above your bedside tables to create fun symmetry in your sleep space. If there is room on a shelf or blank wall space, there’s an opportunity.


4. Use Picture Frames and Mats to Create a Polished Look


You don’t have to spend a fortune to create sleek, polished-looking pieces of art. Gather your favorite prints and photographs and place them in matching or complementary frames or mats. You can even frame things like postcards, menus, and puzzles – there are no rules! By framing them in a cohesive way, you instantly and easily elevate them.


5. Display Art Work and Shelves and Ledges


Short on wall space or hesitant to hang things? Luckily, you’re not limited! You can display art on any shelf or ledge in your home, from that awkward half-wall between rooms to that empty shelf in your hallway you have no idea what to do with. 


The tops of dressers, corners of desks, and even windowsills can all become home to your favorite pieces. If you really want to think outside the box, try propping artwork on music stands or hanging art from the ceiling in planters!


If you’re lacking free shelf space, consider adding more. A bookcase can hold so much more than just books – like small framed art or sculptures! Turn your bookcase into a miniature art exhibit with a mix of different pieces and styles.


6. Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match Styles and Mediums


If you’re overly worried about your artwork matching perfectly, you may never commit to a piece at all! Reject the idea that every piece of art or wall decor in a room needs to be matchy-matchy. 


Instead, experiment with mixing and matching different styles and even mediums. A framed photograph hanging next to a painting hanging next to your Grandma’s hand-painted plate? Amazing! Creating an eclectic mixture of art only adds interest to your space.

7. Add Charm to Your Space with a Gallery Wall.


If you find yourself painstakingly searching for the one perfect piece of art for some open wall space, you’re vulnerable to decision paralysis. Instead, why not hang a bunch of smaller pieces? Create a gallery wall by hanging anything (and maybe everything) that strikes your fancy. You can hang an even number of pieces in tidy rows or create a delightful mishmash with an odd number. 


Another unique approach is to try salon style art hanging. With salon style, you crowd a wall with art by placing pieces in groups of similar size next to, above, and underneath each other. 


8. Hang Artwork at Different Heights to Create Visual Interest


A quick search will tell you that there are often “rules” for hanging wall art… but aren’t rules made to be broken? Try hanging your artwork at different heights to create visual interest within your space. Play with different-sized pieces hanging at different levels, and don’t be afraid to arrange and rearrange as you experiment. That said, it’s probably best to experiment with arrangements before nailing any nails or applying your renter-friendly adhesive! 


9. Create a Staircase Gallery


If you’ve got a staircase in your home, you’ve also got a chance to create an eye-catching wall display. Create a cascading staircase gallery, filling the wall space above the stairs at an angle. You can create a uniform gallery wall with a row of prints of the same size or an eclectic gallery with photos, souvenirs, and other pieces of meaningful artwork.


10. Think Big!


While a gallery wall filled with small and medium pieces is fun, it’s not the only way to make a statement! Go to the other end of the spectrum with one spectacular oversized piece. By selecting a singular, massive piece that takes up the majority of your wall space, the room instantly has a focal point. This technique is perfect for hanging art above the bed.


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