Regional Interiors: East Coast Style Homes

From traditional interior design to modern coastal decor, East Coast style homes are known for their style. Here are six trending east-coast-inspired styles you can emulate wherever you are.

East Coast Traditional

Tried and true, never goes out of style. 

Is your Pinterest board filled with dreamy New York pre-war apartments? Do you live for the thrill of scoring antiques? If so, you’ll likely be a fan of East Coast Traditional.  Known for its sophistication and elegance, this timeless design “trend” is created by incorporating polished, stained woods, classic patterning, and luxurious fabrics to create a magazine-worthy home. 

Colors & Patterns

The style effortlessly mixes neutrals with deep woods and one or more statement colors — often reds, blues, or golds, black, or browns. Woods are typically deep. 

Fabrics and patterns can create interest and add a luxurious touch. Popular choices include brocade, damask, jacquard, silk, velvet, leather, and toile. 

Traditional East Coast Style Furniture 

East Coast Traditional achieves elegance through balance. For large furniture items — tables, chairs, headboards, desks, or bookcases — opt for dark woods with classic lines. Lighter upholstered items, such as sofas and chairs, can help brighten the space and provide interest and contrast.  

Traditional East Coast Decor 

Nothing is boring about traditional. Traditional East Coast decor mixes and matches textures and finishes to create a one-of-a-kind look that can only be described as “elevated antique”. Reach for tassels, beading, luxurious-looking fabrics, and detailed decor items. 

Strategically placed curated collections of antique decor items — or antique replicas — can help bring life into your space. Just be careful not to overdo it! For wall art, reach for photos or portraits of generations past and mix in landscape artworks to create a soothing atmosphere.

East Coast Dark Academia

Traditional with a broody, maximalist twist.

Take East Coast Traditional up a notch and dive into deep, moody territory with Dark Academia. Dark academia borrows heavily from the traditional “Ivy League style”.  However, unlike traditional Ivy League style, maximalist elements come into play with Dark Academia.

Colorways and Patterns

As the name suggests, Dark Academia makes heavy use of dark, moody colors. Blacks, charcoals, and dark jewel tones are used throughout the home. Dark woods and metals create a scholarly feel — evocative of a college library. 

Classic patterns like herringbone, houndstooth, and tartan create visual interest, while velvet, leather, and fur provide luxurious texture. Metallic accents, particularly bronze and gold, add a bit of shine and sophistication. 

Dark Academia Furniture

Don’t be afraid to mix the new with the old. Traditional lines and thrifted finds juxtaposed with modern pieces make a bold statement. Create drama by contrasting dark rich woods and ornate lines with angular, contemporary pieces. For example, you may select a classic desk and pair it with a modern, angular chair or place a modern headboard in an otherwise antique-inspired space.

Dark Academia Decor 

Collections are a defining component of the style, whether books, artwork, or eccentric decor pieces. Take a page from the maximalists and create a space that’s all your own by mixing in metallic accents, colored glass, and unique finds. Top your bookshelves with faux plants and brass candleholders to add life and drama, and add in an array of artwork, photographs, and decorative mirrors to create a moody space. 

Hamptons Style

Effortless coastal glam decor inspired by the outdoors.

A traditional coastal preppy look is best embodied by Hamptons-style interiors, which exudes luxury and comfort. Hamptons-style interiors are light, bright, and beachy with a touch of preppy detailing.

Colorways & Patterns 

Capture the essence of the beach by bringing incorporating sandy hues and sky-blues. Emphasize light, warm neutrals throughout the home, such as white and light khaki. 

Incorporate one or two summery colors — like light blue and coral  — as accents throughout the home. When working with accent colors, use matching hues throughout to create a cohesive look.

Create interest with beachy but preppy patterns — like gingham, trellis, Moroccan lattice, and quatrefoil. You can easily incorporate patterns throughout the home in curtains, throw pillows, decorative throws, lamps, and even artwork. 

Hamptons Inspired Furniture

Hamptons style decor and furniture mix traditional lines with beachy colorways, fabrics, and materials. Wicker and rattan accent pieces are popular choices for creating the feel of an oceanside getaway, as are light woods and crisp white pieces. Incorporate organic lines and mid-century modern inspired pieces for a modern coastal feel. 

If your Hamptons-inspired home is beachside (or lakeside), select easy-to-clean fabrics

Hamptons Style Decor 

Natural fibers create an easy-breezy feel. Gauzy fabrics like linen are perfect for window dressings, while jute rugs add texture and interest. Throughout the home, use neutral rugs to create a cozy, plush feel. 

Glass, wicker, and beach finds like driftwood and seashells are great decor options. Faux plants add life and interest while looking evergreen. Try incorporating coastal-inspired motifs and nautical elements to enhance a beach-vacation vibe further. Incorporate scenic landscape photography, still life, or abstracts in aquatic hues. 

Modern East Coast Preppy 

A charming, cheerful blend of vibrant color and pattern.

Modern East Coast Preppy is light, bright, and cheerful. Bolder, brighter colors are used to create a playful yet coordinated home full of pattern and joy.  

Colorways and Patterns

Go bold and bright! Pair whites with pastels or saturated pops of color. Pair white woods and furniture with bold and bright patterns, like florals, beachy motifs, polka dots, chevron, trellis, or classic stripes. 

Modern East Coast Preppy Furniture

Both sleek modern furniture and traditional lines can find a place in your modern East Coast Preppy home. Sticking to a neutral color palette for large furniture items keeps your space light and bright. Add in flair with accent furniture — like credenzas, chairs, desks, or side tables. 

Modern East Coast Preppy Decor 

East Coast Preppy decor toes the line between tasteful and eccentric! Colorful but conventional decor pieces — like vases, wall art, and throw pillows — are a must. However, modern East Coast Preppy allows you to experiment with various motifs from coastal to floral. 

Decorative mirrors, modern lamps, and festive rugs feel right at home. Color-coordinated abstract artwork or watercolors can help tie in color. 

East Coast Modern

Artistic, sleek, and modern.

Is your idea of an escape more along the lines of an art gallery than a day at the beach? Is your style more modern downtown loft than cozy colonial?  East Coast Modern is for you. The style blends modern lines with statement-making pieces and the results are bold and beautiful. 

Colorways & Patterns

An East Coast Modern home is minimalist but not understated. Stark whites and true-blacks compose most of the color palette, while bold and bright primary colors are used sparingly throughout the home for added interest.

Abstracts, strong geometric shapes, and checkered patterns are used throughout the home, primarily in artworks, rugs, and throw pillows. Metals — nickel, silver, or steel —  add polish and edge. 

East Coast Modern Furniture

With this style, less is often more. Stick to exposed legs and clean lines — be cautious not to overcrowd your space. 

Select sleek and modern pieces in white or black, and don’t forget your statement pieces! 

A funky armchair, sectional, coffee table, or headboard can showcase your style and provide a focal point. Glass is a great choice for dining and end tables. 

East Coast Modern Decor 

Aim to keep your surfaces clear of unnecessary clutter. Instead, maintain a curated collection of your most-loved decor pieces and focus on your wall space. Use decorative mirrors to enhance natural lighting, while a show-stopping gallery wall creates a museum feel. Mix in modern artwork and photography, and voila! 

Incorporate shag, faux fur, and patterned area rugs throughout your space to add visual softness and comfort underfoot.

Finally, light is an integral part of what makes a contemporary home. Emphasize sleek, modern lighting — floor lamps are a must.

East Coast Farmhouse

Inviting, warm, and comfortable. 

While the East Coast is best known for its bustling cities and views of the Atlantic, there are plenty of sleepy towns, woodsy cabins, and rural escapes with welcoming, enviable style. 

Colorways and Patterns

There are a few options with East Coast Farmhouse: you could lean into traditional farmhouse or modern farmhouse. Both styles heavily incorporate wood — particularly unfinished or natural-edged pieces. 


There’s minimal restriction in terms of color or pattern with this style. Popular farmhouse color pallets include light neutrals, black accents, and a bit of whimsical color throughout the home — like navy, evergreen, navy blue, rustic reds, or cheerful yellows. Need help deciding what color to paint your bedroom? We’ve got you covered! 

In terms of pattern, you’ll have plenty of choices: cheerful gingham, plaids, ditsy florals, and stripes can be mixed with contemporary options. 

East Coast Farmhouse Furniture 

From bedroom sets to benches and tables, wood is a popular choice for East Coast Farmhouse furniture. The goal of an East Coast Farmhouse-style home is to create an inviting, comfortable space. Select large, comfortable furniture items that are great for gathering and entertaining — like a comfy sectional or a large dining room table. If you’re a DIY type, consider upgrading a salvaged piece of furniture with a fresh coat of paint or creating something entirely new from an old door, pallets, or crates.

East Coast Farmhouse Decor 

An East Coast Farmhouse home mixes antique decor with modern pieces to create an inviting and visually appealing space. Wrought iron accents can add Modern Farmhouse flair, while antiques and rustic coastal decor can make things feel homey. 

Comfy textured rugs, woven baskets, and gauzy drapes can add texture throughout the home. And, there are tons of budget-friendly options, too.

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