5 Tips for Creating a Montessori Bedroom for Your Child

The Montessori method has become an increasingly popular choice for parents wanting to promote an independent, gentle, positive learning environment for their little ones. Are you dreaming of bringing the principles of Montessori into your home? Start by creating a Montessori-inspired bedroom for your child! Learn what elements to incorporate into your little one’s bedroom and how to set up their space for success for years to come.

The Principles Behind a Montessori Bedroom

“The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.” – Dr. Maria Montessori

Dr. Maria Montessori, the Italian educator behind the Montessori teaching method, believed in giving children the opportunity to thrive with independent, self-paced learning. To create a rich learning environment in your child’s room, consider the following principles:

  • Independence. A child should feel self-sufficient in their environment. 
  • Movement. An optimal room is spacious and free of clutter. 
  • Learning. Everyday materials and artwork can inspire learning.

5 Easy-to-Implement Montessori Bedroom Ideas 

Ready to turn these principles into action? Follow the steps in this guide to create a room Dr. Montessori would be proud of!

1. Choose furniture that promotes independence and autonomy.

Generally, everything in your child’s room — including clothes, toys, artwork, etc. — should be at their child’s eye level. This allows your little one to see, reach, and use the things they need when needed. 

To give your children the ability to operate freely in their room, get furniture that’s low to the ground. 

Here are some Montessori bedroom furniture choices to help you create autonomy: 

  • Use a low media cabinet to store toys and books. 
  • Place their mattress on the floor so they can independently — and safely — get in and out of bed. 
  • Mount shelves at your child’s eye level.
  • Store clothing in lower dresser drawers so your little one can open and close them on their own.

2. Create a clutter-free environment.

Have you ever heard of the popular adage: a place for everything and everything in its place? The Montessori approach values organization to prevent children from becoming overwhelmed with choices. Every item in your little one’s room should have a home. Clothes should have a designated place to go. Books should have their own home. Having a designated storage area for everything in your child’s room also helps them remember where to put things when it’s time to clean up.


One more tip to implement this principle: adopt the motto “less is more.” Cut down on clutter by paring down the belongings in your child’s room. For example, only keep a few special toys and stuffed animals in their bedroom space. 

3. Make space for self-care. 

Part of growing up and learning how to take care of yourself includes grooming. A Montessori bedroom typically includes a self-care station and dressing area. Set up an area that includes a mirror, hooks to hang clothes when dressing,  and grooming tools, like a hairbrush, washcloths, and tissues.

4. Create open space for movement.

Freedom of movement is a valuable principle in Montessori. Children should be able to move around their room freely, without bumping into furniture. Create an open area for movement and play. Give your child’s little body a place to express themselves 

Here are a few ways to promote freedom of movement in your child’s room: 

  • Move furniture against the walls. 
  • Avoid large or oversized pieces of furniture. 
  • Reduce the overall amount of furniture in your child’s room.

5. Use neutral, calming decor. 

Incorporate neutral, muted, relaxing hues in your child’s small Montessori bedroom to promote a sense of calm. While your child’s room doesn’t have to be devoid of color, avoid bright colors that could overstimulate the brain. Instead, hang artwork at eye level that is peaceful. Better yet, proudly display your child’s art on the wall! And don’t forget to use cozy colors and textures when choosing rugs, pillows, and throws. 

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