6 Must-Try Winter Colors and How to Use Them

Seasons come and seasons go, and you want your home to feel modern and beautiful for all of them. Using color to decorate your home goes a long way in setting the mood in every season, but especially so when you’re stuck inside during a cold winter. Ready to try something new this winter? Check out these trending colors and find ideas for how to incorporate them into your home. 

Winter Colors to Bring Into Your Home Decor

1. Deep green

When you’re not sure what colors to use in your home decor as the seasons change, take inspiration from nature! Evergreen trees are shining bright during the winter, so why not follow their lead with deep green hues for your winter palette? Choose a warm and earthy green for a nostalgic feel, or lean toward luxury with jewel-toned emerald hues. Keep things from feeling too formal or dark with a colorful rug that includes your chosen shade of green and some lighter colors, too. 

2. Burnt orange

Orange may seem like an obvious choice for autumn, but it’s perfect for winter, too. 70s-inspired rust, terra cotta, and burnt orange color choices can bring an earthy warmth to any room. Pair this shade with rich chocolate brown for a cozy citrus-and-cinnamon-inspired palette, or use it alongside other jewel tones (like emerald, deep mustard, and burgundy) for a luxe winter mood in your home. 

3. Black and white

Black and white are in style for every season, but this high-contrast combo is having a big moment in winter decor trends. Go bold with a black accent wall and contrasting white furniture. To add character to your space, bring in textured accessories like faux fur throw pillows or a luxurious velvet accent chair. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, too. When your color scheme is simple, varying patterns (think plaid bedding, botanical-inspired wallpaper, and even animal-print drapes) can keep your rooms from feeling sterile or flat. 

4. Cool blue

If your ideal winter includes serene snowy scenes and beautifully frozen landscapes, cool blue is the perfect trend for you to try this year. Choose a throw pillow in an icy blue shade to complement a charcoal gray chair or sofa, or add a piece of statement wall art that incorporates frosty blues and whites. Other cool winter colors, like white, gray, and turquoise, can help create a crisp and sophisticated winter wonderland feel in your home. 

5. Deep burgundy

Bright red may be a signature color for Christmas, but deep burgundy is a staple all winter long. Inspired by rich cranberry hues, this color is easy to incorporate into your space with a patterned area rug, throw blankets, or even a plush accent chair if you have space. Bump up the contrast level when you pair this color with white accessories. 

6. Rich, chocolate-toned wood

We’ll admit that “wood” isn’t technically a color. But it is most certainly a vibe — and one you should welcome into your home this winter, at that. Deep, warm wood tones are the perfect complement to any winter color palette, and they can add much-needed coziness to your home during the colder season. Plus, wood items are super adaptable, and they’ll look good as you decorate your home for every season — not just winter. 

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