Spice Up Your Life with These Ideas for Small Kitchen Pantries!

Cumin or cayenne? You need both for your recipe but only have room in your cabinet for one — but not for long! Think outside the pantry and use these clever storage solutions to make the most of the space you have and keep everything from cereal boxes to soup cans neatly stored away.

1. Create pantry storage by using wall space

A no-brainer for small pantry organization ideas is a simple wall-hanging rack if you have an available wall. The options are endless, from a DIY reclaimed wood masterpiece to hanging wire baskets to an inexpensive plastic hanging bin that gets the job done. Wall racks are incredibly space-efficient and allow you to store different food types: fruits, snacks, oils, spices, even extra paper towels.

2. Hang storage racks inside your pantry door

Don’t have much wall space to spare and need small pantry ideas? Tuck that wall-hanging spice rack away on the inside of a cabinet or pantry door. You’ll save that valuable space on the cabinet and pantry shelves, too.

3. Transfer spices to a kitchen drawer

Are you guilty of having one of those infamous “junk drawers” in your kitchen? Take the time to clear out the drawer and give everything a new home. Now you have a spice drawer! Pro tip: Transfer all the spices to short jars that fit the drawer’s height and label the tops. Take it one step further and alphabetize the spices — it’ll save you time when you’re trying to find the thyme.

4. Use a revolving rack on your countertop

A turntable is a great space-saving option for your countertop. Plus, it can solve two problems: finding a home for your spices and the battle against mindless snacking. Store all other food in your refrigerator or pantry to open up counter space and minimize temptation.

5. Create a storage nook on the side of the refrigerator

But how, you ask? A magnetic rack! Not only do you maximize underutilized space in your kitchen, but you also make it easier to grab the items you need when cooking. The side of the fridge is also a good place for the bagged spices — repurpose a hanging file holder or another slim storage tool.

6. Make use of the space under your cabinets

Utilize the real estate between your upper cabinets and the countertop by attaching a shelf to store canned goods, breads, or snack packs. You may need to lay cans or jars flat, so creating labels for the lids can help.

7. Create long-term storage above the fridge

Do you wonder the best way to utilize that pesky space on top of your refrigerator? Problem solved! Store items that are not for everyday use — like baking materials or paper goods — in a bin or container on top of your fridge.

8. Transfer bulk items to glass food storage containers

Cereal boxes, pasta, sugar, flour, snacks… so many of the items that get stored inside a traditional pantry are bulky, unruly, and take up a lot of space. Instead of playing Tetris every time you put away your groceries, empty bulk items into glass storage containers. These containers ensure that what you purchase will fit the space you have — no more stacking granola bars on top of rice bags. Eliminate the guesswork and give each food type a storage jar.

It turns out you can have your cake and room to store all its ingredients, too! When you live in a tiny apartment, storing everything you need requires a bit of creative thinking — and possibly a little help from the experts.

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