Simple and Inexpensive Spring Mantel Decor Ideas

Sunshine, flowers, and fresh-cut grass — spring is such a refreshing time! You may be thinking that it’s time to give your home a little refresh, too. As a homeowner, changing your decor with the season can be challenging and expensive. Rather than re-doing your own home, consider creating a simple and inexpensive spring mantel instead. Check out these spring mantel decor ideas for every style and let your inspiration bloom.


Center a large, framed piece of artwork on the mantel, leaning against the wall rather than hung. Choose something that says, “spring is here!” like a framed artwork collection that showcases large botanical prints. Place vases or candlesticks on either end — two of varying heights on one end and one on the other.


Layer three coordinating abstract prints (three different sizes). For an uber-modern vibe, choose two-tone patterns that are all the same colors. Frame them in thin, simple frames, sticking to white, metallic, or a solid springy color that complements the artwork.


Stack old books on the mantel, some upright and some stacked on their sides. Place small, vintage vases, plates, or pottery pieces on the stacked books to create height variation. Layer paintings or photos in antiqued frames, leaning against the wall.


Spring is all about green, so turn your mantel into a new home for all your house plants (real or faux). Mix-and-match all different sizes and styles of planters. For an additional seasonal touch, display them in colorful planters of yellows, pinks, and blues.


DIY a spring wreath to hang above your mantel. You can choose brightly colored flowers, opt for neutral white blossoms, or stick to simple greenery. Monogram it with a wooden letter in the middle of the wreath. Another option is to display a mirror in the center and drape a spring garland along the length of the mantel.


Display fresh flowers from your garden or the grocery store in a variety of bud vases — mix and match color, style, and size to add variation. Follow the “rule of odds.” Place three bud vases on one end and two on the opposite, four on one side, three on the other, etc. — the total number should be odd. Mix in a few quirky figurines and favorite flea-market finds.


Hang a large, metallic-framed mirror in the center of the wall above the mantel. Flank it with matching crystal vases filled with hydrangeas (or another flower of choice).


Overlap two different-sized photos in whitewashed wood frames or lean it against the wall on one end. Balance your mantel with a white ceramic pitcher of flowers or greenery on the opposite end. The key to the best farmhouse-style spring decor ideas is to use neutrals and keep it simple.

Changing your home décor with the seasons, whether it’s your fireplace decor for spring, bookshelves, or spring table décor, doesn’t have to be expensive. For inspected, gently-used home accessories and decor, visit your local furniture outlet. At CORT Clearance Center, you’ll find amazing deals on high-quality spring mantel decor to make your home sweet home that much sweeter.

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