How to Style Your Bed Like an Interior Designer

There’s nothing like arriving at your travel destination to find a well-made and decorated bed waiting for you — the sheets are crisp, the decor is perfectly coordinated, and finally, you can lay your head down to rest. And it’s no surprise you feel that way! Interior designers carefully craft and curate hotel rooms to help you achieve peak zen.

Wondering how to make a bed look luxurious? Follow these tips to learn how to dress a bed like a designer. 

Select the Right Mattress, Bed Frame, and Headboard

Your bed is the focal point — and namesake — of your bedroom. Therefore, you must take care to choose the right mattress, bed frame, and headboard.

Meet Your Mattress Match

The first step to creating that hotel bed look and feel? Upgrading your mattress. Start by taking stock of your bedroom and determine the bed size (king, queen, full, or twin) that best fits your needs and space. Finding the right mattress can be a daunting task. After all, mattresses come in a range of firmnesses and many fabrications — like spring, foam, hybrid, air, or latex.

And, there’s no one-size-fits-all mattress solution. For the ultimate night’s rest, you’ll need to find a mattress that strikes the right balance between support and cushion for you. Luckily, your preferred sleeping position can help you determine what mattress might best suit your needs.

  • Side Sleepers — Extra Soft to Medium Soft 
  • Back and Side Sleepers — Medium to Firm
  • Back Sleepers — Medium to Extra Firm
  • Back and Stomach Sleepers — Medium to Extra Firm
  • Stomach Sleepers — Firm to Extra Firm

While sleeping position can help you narrow down a mattress’s firmness, comfort is subjective. Ultimately, you’ll have to select the mattress that feels just right for you. 

Find the Right Bed Frame 

To cultivate a luxury feel, you’ll want to choose a stylish bed frame that fits your space without overwhelming it. To create that designer feel, be mindful of overcrowding or overwhelming your space and focus on flow and how you’ll move through the room.

 If you have a large bedroom and plenty of clearance on either side, you’ll be able to play with ornate or solid wood styles that would otherwise overwhelm a small bedroom.

If your bedroom is on the smaller side, avoid bulky bed frames that visually overwhelm the space — or that you’ll bump into! Instead, opt for a sleek, low-profile bed frame with exposed legs to create a spacious feel. 

When it comes to bed frame height or features, consider whether or not you’re planning to use the space underneath your bed for storage. Lower bed frames are best suited for shorter folks or those who aren’t planning to tuck anything underneath. Higher bed frames (in combination with a chic dust ruffle) will allow you to easily store and access sliding storage containers without sacrificing style. Or, opt for a bed frame that includes storage drawers.

Select a Stylish Headboard 

Your headboard is the crown jewel of your bed — so choose wisely! Select a headboard or headboard/bed frame combination that complements your overall style and desired look. For a luxe look, consider an upholstered option. Is contemporary more your speed? Select a sleek metal or leather option. Select a headboard with a beautiful wood finish to cultivate a rustic bed and breakfast feel. And don’t be afraid to play with shape! From gently curved headboards to bold and rectangular, there are plenty of chic headboards to choose from. 

And, don’t be afraid to shy away from traditional headboards. Designers typically opt out of headboards to save space in smaller rooms. Instead, they may create a feature wall, gallery wall, or use a large piece of art or a decorative room screen in place of a headboard. 

Lounge in Luxurious Bedding 

Now that your furniture is in place, it’s time to let your style shine by selecting bedding and decor. Use these designer-approved tips to create a stylish, cohesive bedroom.

Lean into Neutrals

While there are endless bedding options in a range of patterns and shades to choose from, interior designers often reach for sheets, duvets, covers, and comforters in solid, light neutrals. Light neutral colors not only look airy and inviting but will help make your bedroom look bigger, too. Not to mention, neutral bed linens are timeless and easy to match. 

Add Interest with Throws, Quilts, or Blankets 

Neutral doesn’t mean boring. Play with texture to create an inviting place to cozy up! Neatly make up your bed and use folded chunky knit throws, quilts, or faux fur throws to create interest and comfort. 

Accessorize with Throw Pillows 

Wanting to add in pops of pattern and color? Throw pillows are an excellent way to showcase your style and make your bed look like a hotel bed! To style your bed like an interior designer, pull from your bedroom’s color palette and play with different shapes and textures. 

Pro Tip: Select your throw pillows in pairs to keep things symmetrical. 

In addition to your sleeping pillows, you’ll want to add (at minimum) two pillows (king or queen-sized) with a sham that complements your duvet or comforter, two large to medium size throw pillows, and an accent pillow. Arrange your pillows in a symmetrical formation, stacking them outward and upward from your regular pillows. Be sure to fluff your throw pillows regularly to help them retain their plump shape.

Fine Tune Your Furniture 

Even if you have a gorgeous headboard and bedframe, you may find your bedroom is still missing that designer touch. It could be that mismatched or ill-proportioned furniture is throwing off your space.

Selecting a matching bedroom set is one of the best ways to get a designer-approved bedroom — but at the least coordinate your pieces. Be mindful of your metal tones, wood finishes, and stick to lines and motifs that suit your design style. 

Depending upon the amount of space you have, consider adding in:

A small bedroom will do well with low-profile nightstands and a small dresser, while a well-laid out large master bedroom could accommodate all of the above. 

If you have furniture that’s a close match, consider using a few DIY tricks to take things to the next level. Easy fixes include replacing your drawer pulls for a matching option or painting or restaining your existing wood furniture for a better match. 

Don’t Overdo It on Decor 

Decor is one of the essential components of a luxurious bedroom — but be careful not to go overboard! Leave surfaces open or sparsely decorated to keep things looking neat and balanced. Instead of filling up your nightstands and dresser surfaces, create interest with space-opening decorative mirrors, wall art, or faux greenery

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