How to Create a Luxurious Bedroom on a Budget

Wish your bedroom looked a little more upscale and a little less stale? Use these bedroom makeover ideas and tricks professionals have been using for years to create a high-end look in your bedroom without the designer cost!

Pinpoint your personal style (and stick to it)!

A mishmash of design styles can make a room feel messy and chaotic—far from luxurious. Decide on the aesthetic you want and keep the theme throughout. Vintage or modern bedroom furniture can easily provide a luxurious feel, as curved pieces add elegance and clean lines look chic.

Focus on the main attraction.

It’s no surprise that your bed is the focal point of your bedroom. But how can you make a bed look luxurious? There are two essential elements: the bed frame and the bedding. Find a bed frame that fits your style of choice, like a stately four-poster or a sophisticated platform. Opt for a statement-making headboard featuring interesting materials or eye-catching dimensions. Then, make it the star of the show by painting the wall a contrasting accent color. Finally, dress up your bed with soft, dreamy bed sheets and a thick, comfortable comforter.

Cultivate luxury with texture.

Velvet, satin, silk, fur, and leather are just a few textured materials that add instant drama to a room. You can incorporate them into your bedroom in the form of duvet covers, pillows, and throws. If you’re feeling bold, you can even create a reading nook with a velvet armchair and a sherpa rug. For an extra upscale touch, add a leather bench or ottoman to the foot of the bed.

Increase the plush factor.

Do you love the feeling of falling into a pile of pillows in a fancy hotel? You can get that in your own bedroom, too! Layer pillows of different sizes and shapes on your bed to create this hotel-like experience. For a queen bed, start with two Euro pillows under two standard pillows topped with funky accent cushions! For a carefree finishing touch, layer a lush throw blanket on the end of the bed.

Invest in quality furniture.

For maximum visual appeal, the primary pieces of furniture (nightstands, dresser, bed frame, etc.) should be the same design. Matching furniture creates symmetry and makes a room feel finished. Get bedroom furniture sets at affordable prices at CORT Furniture Outlet.

Deck your walls.

Statement artwork makes a room feel glamorous. Choose a piece you love that fits your theme, whether it’s a colorful abstract painting, a classy black and white print, or anything in between. Not much of an art person? Consider using mirrors instead! They are another way to add instant elegance and can help make a room feel larger and more open. Hang matching gilded mirrors above each nightstand or one large round mirror over your bed for a little extra glitz.

Find the best light.

When finding the right light balance for your bedroom, first figure out how much light your bedroom needs. Do you have big windows that provide lots of natural light? Utilize that as much as possible and supplement it with stylish lamps. Frame your bed with matching sconces or table lamps on the nightstands. A shiny finish, such as glass, crystal, or gold, is an easy win, and a colorful ceramic or matte black can be just as eye-catching.

Shed light on the dark side of the room with a strategically placed floor lamp (perhaps in that little reading nook). Overhead lighting can be harsh, so choose one statement fixture on your ceiling, whether it’s a dazzling chandelier or unique pendant with a metallic finish. And speaking of harsh lighting, use lightbulbs with a soft light that brightens up the space without giving it an emergency room-like feel.

Keep things tidy.

Nothing says luxury like a clutter-free room! And although you don’t have an army of cleaning staff like hotels do, keeping your room tidy is one of the easiest ways to make things feel more luxurious. Follow these basic rules of thumb to help you stay organized about staying organized:

  • Rule number one: Keep the floor free of piles of clothes, stacks of books, and jumbles of cords.
  • Rule number two: keep your dresser and nightstands orderly—don’t let them turn into your catch-alls.
  • Rule number three: don’t over-accessorize. Instead of random knick-knacks, decorate with your favorite books, ornate candles, houseplants, or a pretty vase of fresh flowers. Limiting the smaller objects will help create a tasteful, sophisticated room.

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