Is Leather Furniture in Style? Yes! 6 Tips for Using it in Your Home

Whether it’s clothing, furniture, or décor, many of us seek things that can be described as “timeless,” but does that really exist? While there seems to be a new trending style each year, leather furniture is one thing – one of the only things – that truly never goes out of style. If you’re on the market for some new leather furnishings, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Is Leather Furniture in Style?

Yes! High-quality leather is an investment, but it’s one that you can feel confident making. Leather is durable, versatile, and natural. When cared for properly, leather pieces can last for decades. You can choose from various colors that can fit seamlessly into nearly any aesthetic or palette. 

The short answer: leather is in style. The slightly longer answer: all signs point to the fact that it always will be!

Tips for Incorporating Leather into Your Home

1. Understand the different types of real leather available.

If you’ve never purchased leather furniture before, understanding the various types may feel a bit daunting. What’s the difference between full-grain and top-grain leather? Is faux leather worth it? By understanding the differences, as well as the pros and cons of each, you’ll have a better idea of what to choose for your particular space. 

So, what does full-grain leather mean? Full-grain leather is exactly what it sounds like – it’s the full, natural grain. In fact, full-grain leather products often show markings like branding, insect bites, and even natural wrinkles. It is extremely durable, unique, and full-grain leather goods are typically the priciest. It’s also a harder, less flexible type of leather. 

In top-grain leather, the outer part of the hide has been sanded or buffed away. By removing the top layer, any imperfections are also removed. The leather is still durable, but because the outermost layer is gone, it’s also more supple and flexible than full-grain leather. It is also typically more affordable than full-grain leather. 

It’s important to note that terms like “full grain” and “top grain” often indicate quality more than the phrase “genuine leather,” – which just tells us that the material is, by definition, leather, but nothing about the manufacturing process or the quality.

2. Combine leather with other fabrics and textures.

Dishes, window treatments, bedside tables… in the world of home decor, many things need to match. Leather furniture isn’t necessarily one of them. You can certainly opt for a matching pair of leather chairs, but filling a room with leather can make the room feel overly heavy and one-dimensional. Instead, complement a leather accent piece or pieces by mixing it with other textures, like a fabric chair, linen pillows, a rattan coffee table, and so on. By juxtaposing your leather piece with other fabrics and textures, you create a more interesting and rich space.

3. Know the differences between real leather and faux leather.

As you can likely imagine, there are vast differences between real and fake leather, and it’s important to learn how to spot a superior sofa. While a fake leather sofa will be significantly cheaper than a full-grain leather sectional, you also get what you pay for. Faux leather can be affordable, realistic-looking, and low maintenance, but it lacks the durability and breathability of real leather. For example, real leather gets broken in over time, becoming softer and developing more character as it ages. Man-made faux leather does not age in this way and instead often gets damaged and torn over time. If you are searching for a product that will last, real leather is a safer bet. That said, vegan leather is often easier to clean and is suitable for a vegan lifestyle.


4. Use accessories and decor to create harmony and cohesion.

A single, luxurious piece of leather furniture like a sofa can be the perfect focal point of a room, but it’s important that it doesn’t feel out of place. Get a bit strategic with your accessories to ensure that your leather furniture blends into the rest of the room’s aesthetic. For example, a cream-colored blanket draped over your leather couch can create cohesion with your light-colored drapes. Some pale blue throw pillows on your leather reclining loveseats can tie it into your gorgeous cool-toned wallpaper. Placing a rug underneath your leather piece or cozying it up with a few accessories can help it fit seamlessly into your space.


5. Make sure you care for your leather furniture with the right products.

Leather is known for its long lifespan, but taking care of it properly is key. If you happen to spill something onto your couch, blot it up as quickly as possible to prevent staining. Get into the habit of also routinely wiping your leather furniture down with leather cleaner and leather conditioner on a microfiber cloth. Your leather furniture is like your skin – it will show signs of age, but the proper products can help it age gracefully.


6. Create harmony by balancing dark and light hues.

While a deep chocolate brown piece of leather furniture is gorgeous, it can also darken a space. Conversely, a piece of white or light-colored leather furniture can get lost in a light-colored room. To balance the visual weight of your leather furniture, try layering it with the opposite. For example, think of light walls and bright, cheery accent pieces with dark pieces of leather furniture. Create some depth and interest by placing your lighter-colored leather piece in a darker, moodier room. This contrast is a simple way to add interest and make your leather pieces pop.


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