Make the Most of Your Den with These 6 Practical Flex Room Ideas

Buying or renting? Either way, we’d all love to have a bonus room in our homes to accommodate our hobbies and lifestyle. Perhaps you’d add office space, design a home gym, or maybe create an extra guest bedroom for when your in-laws come into town.

Luckily, bonus rooms aren’t your only opportunity for home customization. With clever planning, your den can transform into the flex room of your dreams. 

What is a Den: Den vs. Flex Room

A den is typically a pass-through room in your home not associated with any of the main living rooms of the house. Typically smaller in size (and potentially windowless and door-less), dens were designed to be used for any non-work activities. Although dens are an offshoot of other activity-specific areas of the house, dens are mostly overlooked and consequently underused. 

However, a flex room is exactly how it reads: its purpose is flexible. More of a “do whatever you want” kind of thing — flex rooms have no set in stone criteria. The DIY room of your house’s blueprints. Is a nursery missing from your home? A flex room can be just that. 

So why can’t your den transform into the flex room of your dreams? Here’s how to make the most out of your den and transform it into that bonus room you thought you didn’t have. 

Home Office

We are (slowly) living in a post-pandemic world with lingering remote work benefits. So whether you copywrite for a marketing company or head up your own Etsy shop, you know how pertinent it is to have a space dedicated to work and only work. 

A comfortable chair with a desk is all you need to start the transformation of your den into the ideal home office. Add some bookshelves or storage options for stowing away personal documents, and you’re well on your way. 

Make sure you take into consideration the lighting of the room. If it is a windowless space, be sure to add in overhead fixtures or easy-to-place lamps for extra illumination. And if you can, maximize your additional seating. A comfy chair in the corner or a small bench or ottoman can be a great way to make your room a family library or chill zone when you’re not clocked in. 

Home Gym

There’s nothing more convenient than rolling out of bed, throwing on your gym clothes, and walking ten feet down the hallway to your exclusive (with no hidden membership fees) gym. 

Add a weight bench and build from there. Consider using a dresser to stow your gear (and workout attire) away in — it’s best to consolidate what you need to avoid cluttering the space with too much equipment. But our biggest tip: place padded mats or an area rug below your workout area to protect your floor and avoid waking up your partner with any crashing weights. 

Spare Bedroom

Whether you like it or not, your in-laws are coming to visit. So it doesn’t hurt to accommodate family stays with an extra bedroom. 

If you’re going the traditional route with a bed and dressers, make sure to place the bed first to determine the end layout. 

If after careful consideration there is no “perfect” space for a bed, buying a pullout couch or small sectional may be the perfect solution. Plus, adding in a sofa means your den can also double as a hangout room for you and your friends when not being used for overnight stays. 

More Closet Space

Fashionista? Use your den to create more closet space! Especially if it’s close in proximity to your bedroom. 

Converting the den into the closet isn’t a hard task. If the room is generically standard in shape, it’s easy to add shelves, mount hanging rods, and add a mirror to become the perfect walk-in closet you never had. Even if there are sloped ceilings or alcoves, customized closet systems can be made based on your specific measurements. 

Kid’s Room

You aren’t the only one who needs privacy for their work. Your children’s activities may be spilling over into the kitchen and living room at the most inopportune times. 

A room just for your kids is great not only for them, but for you too. With toys and games all in one place (and with some additional storage measures), you can give your kids an organized space to learn, grow, and play. 


A nursery may not have been on the list of must-haves when house shopping. But life changes and your home’s purpose should evolve in tandem. 

A small space is great for a small human! Even without the closet space. A crib, comfy chair, and dresser are staple items that can make the den into your baby’s bedroom fast. Throw on some paint and add some wall décor and you’ve made the most of your den for your newborn. 

The Possibilities of Your Den are Endless

There is no right or wrong when it comes to changing your den into a functional, purposeful room catered just for you.  In need of a craft room or a home bar? With a little clever planning and some measuring tape, your den can be the flex room you’ve always wanted. 

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