9 Ways to Transform Your Bonus Room

Do you have a bonus room in your home that’s currently acting as catch-all storage? If so, it’s time to give your bonus room purpose! 

What is a bonus room, you may ask? A bonus room is a space you can transform into anything you want. Explore these creative bonus room ideas and walk away with a game plan to make the most of your extra space.

1. Home Theater

Bring the movie theater to the comfort of your home. Create movie theatre ambiance on a budget by mounting a television on the wall. Or, invest in a projector and screen and speakers for an authentic big-screen experience. Then, pile in giant bean bags as extra seating for the kiddos, but go big for your prime seating. A recliner couch or sectional provides ample room and viewing comfort. No matter what you choose, be sure to kid-proof the sofa to avoid damage from spilled soda, butter-covered fingers, and Skittles wedged between the cushions. 

To complete your space and dazzle your guests, add comfy throw blankets, a mini-fridge, and a popcorn machine. 

2. Meditation Room

Find your zen by turning your bonus room into a space where you can relax, de-stress, refocus, and recharge. Start by painting it a soft, neutral color. Then, place a pretty area rug and comfy floor pillows and leave room for your yoga mat. Decorate with a living succulent wall, bonsai, bamboo, or low-maintenance faux houseplants. Don’t forget an essential oil diffuser with a variety of scents to help set the mood and complete the atmosphere with soft lighting and votive candles.

3. Arts & Crafts Studio

Sewing and painting and scrapbooking — oh my! If you like to create, this is the best unique bonus room idea for you. Keep all your supplies organized with smart storage and still have plenty of space for a big table to do your thing. If knitting is your craft of choice, tuck a cozy armchair in the corner so that you can cozy up while working on your latest project. 

Artists will love that your easel, desk, and even your pottery wheel can all call this room home. If possible, install a sink to make cleanup more convenient. Be sure you have good lighting to work by and add in lamps if needed. Hang a corkboard on one wall to use as an inspiration and idea board — and leave space on the wall or in a curio to showcase your masterpieces! 

4. Home Gym

Quit that expensive gym membership and set up your own fitness room at home! Though fitness equipment can be pricey, it will soon pay for itself without that steep monthly gym membership fee. 

Keep your hand weights, exercise mats, resistance bands, and other equipment organized with storage bins and shelving along one wall. Keep an eye on your form by hanging mirrors along the opposite wall. You can set up a full-length mirror or hang multiple wall mirrors side-by-side.

5. Music Room

Do you need a space to play your heart out…or an area to contain the tuba your child just picked up for the school band? With a designated music room, no one has to hold back! Soundproof the space by hanging foam tiles on the walls and installing foam bass traps. Then, add an area rug, and other plush bonus room furniture that will help absorb sound. Decorate with posters or vinyls of the musician’s favorite bands and artists.

6. Indoor Greenhouse

Did you know that you can have a greenhouse indoors? You bet! With a DIY attitude and some building skills, you can quickly cultivate your very own at-home greenhouse. Start by searching for an at-home greenhouse kit, and then prepare to furnish the rest of your space. 

In addition to your greenhouse kit, you’ll need shelving for a watering can, extra soil, pots, and other supplies. Prepare to put your green thumb to the test! 

Consider growing herbs, veggies, or flowers in your bonus-room greenhouse! Some great options include mint, tomatoes, peace lilies, or spinach. 

7. Homework Haven

Working or studying in the bedroom can lead to sleep disruptions — and books, backpacks, and notebooks can disrupt everyday tasks. Create a more harmonious home by keeping homework out of shared spaces and bedrooms. Instead, turn your bonus room into a dedicated homework station

Furnish your bonus room with desks for each of your kids or a large table where they can spread out. Include a comfy armchair for required reading. Designate a shelf or bin to store backpacks and books and a general place for extra school supplies. Decorate with their artwork and encouraging posters. Keep it phone-free to eliminate distractions and if music helps them focus, set up speakers.

8. Game Room

Whether you utilize it for a guys’ night or your kiddo’s sleepover, a game room is one of the most popular — and fun — family bonus room ideas. Stock a large storage cabinet with board games, card games, puzzles, and electronic games. Set up one corner with a console to hold the TV and gaming system — you’ll want a comfy sofa or floor pillows, too. A large round or oval table is ideal for playing everything from Catan to Candyland.

Take your game room to the next level by adding in a foosball table, a pool table, ping pong table, dartboard, or a giant Jenga set. 

9. Library

Can you think of a more peaceful retreat than a reading room? Create your own reading oasis by lining the walls with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. For a picturesque room — and for easy access to the top shelf — incorporate a rolling ladder. 

Next, create a cozy corner to relax and indulge in a good book. Start with an accent rug, plush armchair, or a chaise lounge. Then, add a floor lamp for lighting and create interest with a decorative basket full of throw blankets at the ready. 

Since books are decorative all on their own, you don’t need to stress much over the details. Simply scatter a few pieces of decor on the shelves among the books, like frames, ceramics, or figurines, and dot the room with a few houseplants.

And what’s better than curling up with a good book, soft blanket, and warm cup of tea? Set up a little table with a carafe of water, electric kettle, coffee pot, and mugs to complete your reading oasis.

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