Got Tweens: How to Kid-Proof Your Couch and Living Room

Tweens — can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. But you certainly could live without their messy habits! Set these youngsters (and your upholstery) up for success by kid-proofing your living space. Use these tips to circumvent stains on the sofa and keep piles of shoes, electronics, and other teenybopper STUFF from drowning out your decor.

Select your color palette with kids in mind.

One of the easiest ways to kid-proof your couch from stains is to choose an upholstery color or pattern that hides stains to begin with. Now is not the time to purchase that pristine white sofa you’ve been hoping would add a touch of sophistication to your living room.

Instead, choose neutral tones like charcoal, anthracite, or taupe — much more forgiving colors when dirt and spills happen. If you still want a pop of color, you can incorporate more playful shades by using throw pillows with removable, machine-washable covers. Area rugs are also a great option to include more color, as they are easy to remove and professionally clean. You could also opt to paint the walls a beautiful shade to give your sofa more contrast!

Protect the upholstery.

Tweens are not known for their meticulous attention to hygiene. Your teenage son might decide to settle down to play video games without remembering to remove his dirty jersey or socks. Your daughter might begin experimenting with make-up and nail polish…a little too close to the upholstery. To help prevent any stains you can’t remove, try spraying your upholstery with a fabric-protecting spray like Scotchguard. These types of sprays help repel stains and make spills easier to wipe off when accidents do happen.

Incorporate storage solutions.

Sometimes your living room might seem like a playroom, full of your kids’ stuff — from clothes, games, electronics, athletic gear, and even instruments. One way to kid-proof the living room and keep it looking presentable is to incorporate storage options.

Consider coffee tables with shelves and media consoles with built-in storage compartments. Add a bit of space for odds and ends by looking for side tables with drawers, or benches with tops that open. You might even think about using a writing desk as a console table, creating a stylish homework station that also incorporates extra space for organizing books and schoolwork. After all, kids are more likely to help you stay organized when it’s easy for them to put stuff away themselves.

Set rules and create boundaries.

Aside from picking out kid-friendly furniture and doing your best to protect it, another way to ensure your living room stays stain- and mess-free is to encourage your kids to modify their behavior.

For instance, you can create a “food-free zone” in the living room for the whole family, making it a rule that everyone has to eat in the kitchen or at the dining room table before heading into the living room to relax. To stay organized, you might decide to create a nightly routine where each family member puts their possessions in their designated storage spot.

Invest in quality pieces — on a budget.

While it’s probably a good idea to forego high-ticket furniture investments until later in your kids’ lives, that doesn’t mean you need to skimp on quality. Durability is a very desirable feature for any furniture purchase and is even more critical when you have tweens and their friends tromping in and out of your living room regularly. CORT Furniture Outlet offers a wide range of high-quality living room furniture built to last at extremely affordable price points — meaning you don’t have to sacrifice style for practicality.

If you’re ready to make your space tween-friendly, shop for durably made, affordable furniture at CORT Furniture Outlet. From storage options to couches with washable cushion covers, you’ll find the right mix of furniture for your living space. Swing by your local CORT Furniture Outlet today or visit us online and take home your furniture the same day!