Create a Budget-Friendly Homework Station

The school day may be over, but the kids aren’t finished with their work yet! Instead of sitting at the kitchen table where distractions are everywhere, why not set up a homework station that can help your kids focus on their studies? Whether your kids need a place for all-day virtual learning or an activity desk to finish up some work after they get off the bus, we’re here to help you create a study space that won’t break the bank.

What to Include in a DIY Homework Station

Not sure how to get started? First, choose a space in your home that will become a study space. To make it easier to select furniture, measure the area (you can even draw a quick sketch!). Then, start the process of shopping for affordable furniture and accessories for your space. Be sure to include the following elements as you plan and shop for your DIY homework station!

1. A work surface.

You can’t have a study nook without a dedicated homework table! Look for a children’s desk for small spaces, or choose a desk with storage drawers for older kids and larger areas. If you have multiple kids who need to use a homework table, save money by using paint to designate two separate sections of a long writing desk to be shared between siblings. With the simple construction of a high-quality writing table, you can easily place two chairs on either end or side of the desk to give everyone their work area within a small footprint.

2. Comfortable seating.

It’s difficult to focus when you’re stuck in a hard or uncomfortable chair! Choose a kids’ desk and chair set that’s just the right size for your youngsters, or try a plush upholstered office chair or ergonomic office chair that complements your chosen desk. Comfy chairs with good lumbar support can get expensive when you purchase new, so it’s always smart to check out CORT Furniture Outlet’s affordable selection of gently used office furniture to get more bang for your buck!

3. Storage.

Wandering around the house looking for a pencil or paper is a surefire path to procrastination, so you’ll want to keep school supplies within arms’ reach. A stylish, high-quality bookcase from CORT Furniture Outlet is an excellent way to keep things organized and ready for use. Give each child a dedicated space for books or binders, then add decorative baskets to keep smaller items neatly tucked away.

4. Technology.

As you plan your space, remember that you’ll need to leave room for a computer, tablet, or other device that your kids can use for virtual learning. When choosing a study table for kids to use, be sure they’ll have room to work on paper assignments or have a book open while their devices are in use.

How to Make A Kids’ Activity Desk Functional and Beautiful

What sounds more inspiring: a bare desk with blank walls, or an inviting space with thoughtful décor and special touches? Don’t limit your homework station ideas to the bare minimum! Sprinkle in some inspiring wall art, cozy pillows, a soft area rug, or even plants to make your space feels homey. CORT Furniture Outlet offers gently used home décor items, too, so there’s no need to stretch your budget on brand new accessories.

While work is important, be sure your kids have room in your home and their schedule to play, too. Whether that means decorating a space for your preschooler’s imagination to grow or encouraging daily outdoor activities, don’t forget to build in some time and space for your kids to take much-needed breaks from homework.

Find More Homework Station Ideas and Inspiration

A dedicated homework table can keep your kids’ schoolwork on track, and CORT Furniture Outlet can keep your home décor budget on track! Everything you’ll find at CORT Furniture Outlet must pass our CORT Certified standards. That means you can purchase with confidence knowing that your furniture can stand up to regular wear and tear from your kids. Shop your local CORT Furniture Outlet to find top quality desks, chairs, shelves, and more gently used furniture that’s ready to be upcycled for your DIY homework station.