5 Stylish and Practical Cat Litter Box Ideas

You’re not even biased: your cat truly is the cutest animal on the planet. Their litter box..  not quite as cute. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to disguise that situation – or make it look a bit more attractive – so that it’s not the focal point of a room. Here are five ways to camouflage your kitty’s litter box, as well as some useful tips for cat owners. 

Customize a small cabinet or bench.

It’s surprisingly simple to convert a piece of furniture into the perfect spot for your cat’s litter box. Find a cabinet, end table, bench, or even dresser with an unused bottom drawer that will fit the box and your cat. Then, you’ll need to measure and cut a hole into the side of the piece, so your cat has an entrance and exit. You can leave the hole as is or attach a cat door to conceal the litter box even more. Best of all, all you’ve got to do is pull out the drawer or open the cabinet and it’s easy to clean! These two-in-one litter box, furniture combos are great litter box ideas for small spaces, considering you don’t need any extra floor space.

There are three other major advantages to concealing your cat’s litter box within a piece of furniture. First, it’ll solve the issue of canine siblings making a mess by creating a dog-proof litter box (unless they’re small and smart enough to use the cat door).  Second, it’ll help reduce the amount of litter your cat will track on your floor and furniture. Most of the stray litter will remain contained in the drawer or shelf. Finally, the furniture piece can double as an all-purpose cat hub and you can store all your litter box supplies in there, too! Stash the litter, scoop, and your other cat-related items in the cabinet or bench to keep things tidy and convenient. 

Hide the litterbox in a large wicker basket.

Similar to the idea above, this one involves cutting a cat-sized hole into the side of a large wicker basket to create a covered litter box. This is a great alternative for someone who is intimidated by the thought of cutting into wood furniture! Choose a wicker box or chest that can easily fit the litter box, and then cut your hole using wire cutters or a comparable tool. To make the hole look more “finished,” you can hot glue fabric along the edges. 

Using a wicker basket is also a great idea if you prefer a top entry litter box. Cut a hole in the basket lid and you’re good to go.

Customize your litter box cover.

There are plenty of simple litter box covers on the market but finding one to match your home’s aesthetic is the hardest part. Instead of settling for a decent option, give a litter box cover a makeover with a coat of paint or even peel and stick wallpaper. The goal is to blend into the furniture and décor you’ve already got!

Create a fabric “curtain” on an end table.

If you’ve got an end table that can fit your cat’s litter box underneath, this is one of the easiest DIY litterbox enclosure ideas. Grab some fabric that matches the room and cut it so that it fits the open sides of the table. This may mean taking a cabinet door off the hinges or removing a few drawers. You can suspend the fabric with hot glue or nails. Now, your cat can easily access their concealed litter box through the curtain!

Conceal your litterbox behind a room divider or a few faux plants.

Not all hidden litter box ideas involve taking on a woodworking project or getting crafty. With a few strategically placed decorative pieces, you can easily conceal the litter box and put the attention elsewhere. A few large faux plants are an easy, no-maintenance way to hide the box and add a pop of greenery to a room. These are the safest bets for cat owners because they can be particularly sensitive to real plants. If you have the available space, you can tuck the litter box behind a room divider. 

Create a Stylish Space For You and Your Favorite Feline

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